Risks to import leads from another app instead of a form with optin option


I created an app that users register. What are the risks of importing leads with the automate.io service without opt-in into HB instead of writing the leads directly with an opt-in form? When I send to imported contacts (came from importation, not a HB onboarding form), can I be considered a spammer?

I'm not a Mkt guy so it´s my doubt.


how can I ensure that I am communicating correctly with my users without violating the GDPR?

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Hi @AlexandreCaruso ,


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In order to send marketing emails, you should have verifiable opt-in consent for all of your contacts in your HubSpot. So even if you import your contacts into HubSpot, you still need to be able to prove that those contacts provided their own consent directly to you/your organization.

Here's a helpful resource for your reference: Determine if it's OK to send marketing emails to a contact list


(*Please note that this reply doesn't constitute legal advice and it's best to consult a legal professional!)

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Hi @AlexandreCaruso ,

Yep so as long as they have consent from such app users it is fine. This is the different types of consent:

  • Legitimate interest - prospect/lead
  • Legitimate interest - existing customer
  • Performance of a contract
  • Freely given consent from contact
  • Not applicable


Yup, you can also check this link to different types of consent.


Hopefully, these two documents are a great place to start to understand GDPR better. 

Hope this helps!

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