Potential Bug: Double Opt In Email Triggering for every form submission


Hi all,


Trying to determine whether the following is a HubSpot bug or if I haven't configured something correctly.


Currently, we have double opt-in configured in Settings for forms on all pages. My assumption was that the double opt-in email would only trigger for forms where the "GDPR" element is present and the user actively checks the box to indicate their opt-in.


However, over the past few days, I've noticed that the double opt-in email is triggering for every form even under the following circumstances:

1. The GDPR element isn't on the form at all.

2. The user does not select the opt-in box.


Any insights?



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Okay, after researching this further and messaging with the support team, am seeing that this behavior is expected. However, I'm trying to wrap my head around why there isn't any configuration at the form level for double opt-in (to the GDPR element, in particular). 


Sometimes we use forms to sign users up for events and have an opt-in check-box for email group sign-up. Not every event registrant is going to opt-in to email, however, under the double opt-in infrastructure will receive the double opt-in email anyway - so confusing!


There has to be a better way to manage double opt-in. Not every form is intended to sign people up for email.


I'm also finding *significant* bugs or non-functionality with Hubspot's double-opt-in feature. Once I turn on the feature, it automatically sends the double-opt-in email to a host of contacts for no apparent reason. These contacts did not recently fill out a form. They didn't do anything. Some had even previously clicked on the double-opt-in email sent a year ago.  Nothing in the documentation indicated that contacts would be automatically sent such an email.


This feature is so non-functional that I would not recommend anyone to use it.


I agree that this feature needs some improvement before I would want to use it. I was about to set up this feature for my account but reading this thread makes me hesitant. We will have forms that are for event signups or ebook downloads. I don't want them receiving an email to confirm I can email them if I'm not asking them to sign up for marketing emails. I would more likely have an unchecked box they can check to receive marketing emails and then would want them to receive a double opt-in confirmation email if they checked this box. I will most likely be setting up my double opt-in process through workflows - which is a bummer because I can't enforce it for every user that creates subscription forms.