Please make your GDPR changes apply ONLY to leads in the EU member countries


Why this change is being applied to leads and accounts outside of the EU zone is beyond me. You're completely removing the value you bring to the table by forcing a reduced experience, particularly with regards to B2B organizations. Please enable geotargeting. Please.

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HubSpot Employee

Mela -

Ari from the Product Marketing team at HubSpot here. I hear you loud and clear --- really appreciate your feedback. There are a lot of nuances to the scope of GDPR. We're thinking a lot about that too --- both in our own marketing (we use the HubSpot platform too) and in the types of features we might build to enable easier compliance.

Two questions for you:

First, I'm curious to learn more about what you mean by geotargeting. If you could wave a magic wand and have HubSpot look exactly like you envision, what would it look like? Some functionality in that direction already exists. For example, you can show a different form, page, or CTA based on country. What else would you like to see?

Second, IP addresses are notoriously fickle --- even Google's geotargeting documentation is full of caveats ("If a device is connected to a Wi-Fi network, we may detect the Wi-Fi network's IP address to determine physical location. If a mobile device is connected to a mobile carrier's proxy server, we may use the carrier IP to determine the device's location.") How does your company think about the accuracy of geotargeting, as it pertains to the GDPR?





Can I get more info on how to show differnt forms to EU website visitors? I really am reluctant to add the GDPR compliant checkboxes to all inbound forms but I am struggling with how to set it up in a way that EU visitors will see the EU form on the landing pages. 

Can you point me in the right direction?


HubSpot Employee

Hi Donna -


Thanks for the question. You can find instructions for making your landing page forms smart in this help document.


- Ari


Hi Donna, 

I am looking for something similar but only for forms that I've embedded on the website. Is there a way to customise them? 


Also, how can we make smart Pop-ups? I also want to make my pop-up forms GDPR compliant but only for European visitors.