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Migrating an Existing HubSpot account to the HubSpot EU Data Center

For EU companies who have a HubSpot portal that is not hosted in HubSpot's EU data center, HubSpot conntinues to work towards offering a portal migration solution.  Until such time as HubSpot makes that service available, we offer a solution EU companies who need to migrate an existing non-EU HubSpot portal to a new EU Data Center portal. Read more about it here: Migrating an Existing HubSpot Portal to HubSpot's EU Data Center.  The service uses the HubSpot to HubSpot Portal Migrator that is available in the HubSpot App Marketplace.  This data migration tool automates the process of migrating CRM data to a new EU portal using HubSpot's APIs. A new portal purchase is required, so timing with your renewal is an important consideration.

This automated app migrates data with no field mapping required. There is no need to manually create properties. HubSpot CRM Data that is automatically migrated:

    • Contacts
    • Companies
    • Deals
    • Pipelines
    • Owners
    • Engagements (Meetings, Tasks, Notes, Calls, Emails)
    • Custom Properties for all Objects
    • Lists
    • Tickets
    • Associations between all records
    • Line Items/Products
    • Files/Attachments

HubSpot accounts have digital assets, workflows and settings that need to be recreated in the new EU HubSpot portal.  For companies that need this type of support, we offer a Managed Migration service that includes onboarding for the new EU destination portal, including:


    • All settings in the back end of HubSpot 
    • Meeting links
    • All connected apps 
    • Domains
    • Email integrations (O365 or Google)
    • Target accounts
    • Conversations inbox setup 
    • Documents (under Sales)
    • Website pages
    • Landing pages
    • Thank you pages
    • Forms
    • Emails
    • Workflows
    • Blog posts
    • Lists
    • Campaigns
    • Email subscriptions
    • 301 redirects
    • Sequences
    • Templates
    • Saved views
    • Page layout configurations (objects)

To be clear, this paid service is delivered by an experienced Diamond-tier HubSpot Solutions Partner. It is not a HubSpot-provided service. For more information, see this page.
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Bayard Bradford

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Migrating an Existing HubSpot account to the HubSpot EU Data Center

Thank you for sharing @johnelmer, this is great! 🙂 



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