Hubspot form not loading unless counters.gif cookie accepted

Hi All!

So we're having a bit of trouble with our embedded form on our website not visible until the user accepts cookies. Our CMS is Wordpress, we're using CookieBot and the forms are embedded using the hubspot plugin for Wordpress. 


The cookie responsible is embed/v3/counters.gif. (Cookie description - Collects information on user preferences and/or interaction with web-campaign content - This is used on CRM-campaign-platform used by website owners for promoting events or products.) When this cookie is set to Necessary the form appears on page load and fillable. However when filled and submitted the form still tracks the user's page viewed and last page on submitting the form into Hubspot.



My question is - If we keep this cookie set to necessary, we are breaching GDPR?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hubspot form not loading unless counters.gif cookie accepted

Hi @CMarritt,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

Webpage visitors should be able to see and fill out HubSpot forms even if they don't accept cookie tracking, I suspect there's another reason why the form doesn't load properly. 

Could you tell us which troubleshooting steps you took to test the form? Are you seeing any console errors?

I also wanted to check if this happens across multiple browsers, machines and networks?

If you are a HubSpot customer, I would recommend reaching out to our Technical Support team, which can have a more detailed look at the form and settings in your HubSpot account. If possible, please include the information I requested above in the support ticket. Thank you! 


Mia, Community Team

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Hubspot form not loading unless counters.gif cookie accepted

Hi Mia, 


Thank you for your reply!

Yep, zero console errors. Is the same across all devices. If the Cookie counters.gif is not accepted, the form doesn't appear. Once this is accepted the form appears on screen. Mobile and desktop, all pages where the form appears. 


We have already spoken to your Account manager, he spoke with an engineer who gave us the following options:


  • Manually embedding forms instead of using the Wordpress plugin to do so. The embed code contains the calls to the v2-legacy.js and v2.js scripts, and as such you can add your data-cookieconsent attribute directly in the embed code script tags.
  • Turning off automatic cookie blocking and manually categorising cookies
  • Setting counters.gif to a different cookie category (if deemed GDPR compliant by your team) - this pixel is used to count form views.

Ideally, I wanted to explore the final option, as this seemed like the easiest and fastest solution