Hubspot complience with local privacy policy for International Enterprise

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Hi Community,


I've been browsing and searching for some information about GDPR in various markets and got already familiar with some resources like these two below, yet could not find the answers.



We have an international company with local offices across US, EU, Russia and Turkey. Now we are rolling our Hubspot enterprise for all markets outside EU and more and more questions are rising from local sales and marketing teams about the compliance of Hubspot with local regulations.

Is there someone here with the experience of using HS in Russian and Turkey and has faced already the same questions? I appreciate your help! 

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Hi @gradient ,


I understand your issue. It's difficult to decide what to do from 'paper'. When taking GDPR compliant measures in the Enterprise account, you could think of the following:

  • Cookies: create multiple cookie notifications, add to local websites (URLs) according to local regulations
  • Forms: create different forms for different regions, if GDPR applies: choose the right version of the GDPR field and edit accordingly to local regulations. 
  • Legal basis to process data: this property helps to define the legal basis to process one's data - it has several values which you can apply to the different local contacts. Use this in your forms and create a work process per region to make sure manual added contacts are registered correct.
  • Communicate: also something you arrange in forms. Make sure it applies to local rules, same goes for manual added subscriptions to contacts.
  • Contacts: make sure you keep contact partiotioned per team/region, make sure teams can only view, edit and communicate with their own contacts. Always ask for consent for processing data and to communicatie with contacts from GDPR countries to make sure they are registered correct.


Hope this helps!


Kind regards,



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Thanks, Nynke! 


I fully understand the complexity and we all are not specialists in GDPR in various countries, but your suggestions give already an answer to the next steps once legal teams in each market can specify their local requirements.