How to use captcha with Hubspot form and be GDPR compliant

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We would like to use captcha system to secure the Hubspot Form and limit the spam. Currently only the recaptcha solution is available however this solution is not GDPR compliant regarding a judgment from French Court ( which mention that some cookies are set not only to provide technically the service.  One option is to disable the captcha however that will increase the spam. Another option is to ask consent for these cookies however if the user reject that we go back to the first option because we can't enable the captcha and by consequence increase the spam.  It seems to be an unsolvable problem with the current capability of the form generator.


Do you have some way to resolve that to be secure and GDRP compliant ?


Thanks in advance !

Community Manager
Community Manager

How to use captcha with Hubspot form and be GDPR compliant

Hello @cmourizard Happy Thursday.


I would like to add some top experts to share their ideas, @karstenkoehler @Phil_Vallender any recommendations to @cmourizard matter?


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