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Hi! There is a situation that looks very common to me and I couldn't find any clear instruction on how to deal with it neither in HubSpot knowledge base, nor in forums 😞


Suppose, one has a non-HubSpot website, like in Wordpress or Wix and wants to integrate it with HubSpot and set up HubSpot tracking code. HubSpot is going to install some cookies as a result. Though this website is likely already using some cookies, like for Google Analytics etc. And they are in Europe, so to comply to GDPR they have to disclose all the cookies they use and give visitors a choice to reject non-essential cookies.

The question is: how one is supposed to act in order to provide her visitors with a single banner that will allow to accept or reject (by category) both HubSpot and all the rest of the cookies used by the website. As it normally done - one banner and one selection page for all cookies on the website.

And what exactly one should add to their privacy policy and cookie policy once they install HubSpot tracking code? Does HubSpot have a text for this, since it concerns usage of cookies by HubSpot?


Please, help!

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Hello @Sofie, I will add some top experts to this matter @Phil_Vallender@himanshurauthan what would you recommend to @Sofie matter?


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So @Sofie coming to your query. HubSpot has different settings regarding EU GDPR, Cookies, etc. like:







HubSpot had prepared a very clear playbook for GDPR I hope you will find all your answers in this playbook -




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Thanks @himanshurauthan and sorry for the late reply! The link to the GDPR playbook is helpful, thanks!

Unfortunately, I didn't find any info related to non-HubSpot sites, which was my main concern 😞 

Though the playbook does provide useful step by step instruction for many cases (thanks again for the link), there are two important parts of my initial question that are still not clear to me.

1) If I have GDPR enabled and cookie policy set up to show the banner in HubSpot, will the banner appear automatically on non-HubSpot pages as well, provided that HubSpot tracking code is installed on them? Or do we need to add some additional configuration to make this happen?

2) /and this was my initial question/ Likely these non-HubSpot pages already have other cookies that they set and have to ask for consent for those other cookies. Is there a way to process all the cookies together in one banner? I only saw a reference to an API call that allows to get HubSpot concent status (and supposedly do some coding outside to process other cookies manually). Is it the only way?

I guess, people use HubSpot together with non-HubSpot pages so often that there must be already some more easy-to-use solution 🙂 

Does anyone know one?