Exclude the companys own e-mail adresses from double opt-in?

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Hi there,


We're using the Hubspot Marketing Hub with GDPR functionality active and, therefore, users must give their confirmation in order to get e-mails (double opt in).


Now I'm looking for a way to exclude our own company e-mail adresses from that regulation (e.g. all adresses with "@companyname.de") . Is is possible?


As an alternative I'm looking for a way to set the "Marketing e-mail conformation status" of these contacts automatically to "confirmed" (or "Customer marked confirmed" or something similar) by using a workflow - or doing it manually.


This article says that the status "Customer marked confirmed" is used when  the contact was updated in a bulk updates. I tried to update several contacts in this way, but wasn't able to change the property "Marketing email confirmation status" (German: "Bestätigungsstatus für Marketing E-Mails"). By trying this with a workflow, I ran into the same problem.


I fully understand that this contact proberty should not be able to be changed easily. Hoewever I hope there is a way to do it or to disable the DOI for certain e-mail domains. It would be great to get your ideas on that.


Thank you!


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Hey @Julia_Ocken 


At this time there isn't any way to exclude specific email address for this feature. 

You could add the subscription for the contacts with your company email address, please find here how to do it. 


I hope this helps


Thank you