Enable/disable HubSpot tracking based on External cookiebanner

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Hi HubSpotters,


Hoping to gain some insights here. I'm stuck with the following situation:


Our client is using an external cookiebanner. That works fine for their external non-HubSpot pages. Once someone accept the cookies, HubSpot (and all other relevant cookies) start tracking.


However on the HubSpot hosted domains for landingpages / blogs etc... that isn't the case as the tracking code auto fires.


So my question is, can I in some way DISABLE HubSpot tracking on HubSpot hosted pages and only start the tracking once someone accepts cookies via an EXTERNAL Cookiebanner?


HubSpot support couldn't give me a definitive answer so I'm hoping we have some smart people around here. 😀

Maybe people who've been in a similar situation?

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Thank you for your post @KvanBeers .


I wanted to tag in our top contributors here-

@tjoyce and @Kevin-C , have you seen this use case or do you have some ideas for @KvanBeers ?

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Thanks @natsumimori 


Hey @KvanBeers 


Have you looked into disabling the tracking via hubspot, then enabling using the banner?