EU companies, how do you deal with sub-processors?



I'm just curious how EU companies using HubSpot are dealing with sub-processors outisde of EU that might have access to your Customer Data?


The new sub-processor page is great, I like the improvements done over time. If running HubSpot in EU data center there are still some features that can't be offered with EU (or GDPR compliant) sub-processors. Wouldn't it be great if these could be turned off in the HubSpot portal? Or that you can clearly see which sub-processors you use. 


The same goes for support from HubSpot (HubSpot Affiliate Sub-Processors). There is already a good feature to prevent access, but it would be even better if you could choose support only from EU countries.


Am I the only one who has thoughts about this? 😀

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Community Manager
Community Manager

EU companies, how do you deal with sub-processors?

Hello @Winqvist, thank you for posting in our Community!

I want to invite our top experts to this conversation, @Gonzalo @tette_engage @Teun any recommendations for the @Winqvist matter?


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