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I am currently going through my organization's Hubspot to best navigate GDPR compliance and communications for emails. We have integrations with Salesforce, and we use the platform Classy as a way to fundraise and have audiences register for events. 


I'm currently building out and updating forms we have on our website to include data and privacy disclaimers so they may opt-in to subscriptions, but I'm struggling with a few things.


1. I'm struggling with how to include them as a marketing contact on top of agreeing to a subscription type (not too sure of the difference, but wanted to be sure they enrolled for both. Does both matter?).


2. I'm also struggling with how it will integrate and sync with Salesforce. If there is an email opt-in custom field on Salesforce, could I map that property to the data checkbox or something similar on Hubspot to make sure it syncs? 


3. What is the best way to optimize a Newsletter/General Email Communications sign up for an organization? I want to make this process as streamlined as possible, and making sure my contacts who enroll are subscribed and are set as marketing contacts -- and that it syncs properly to Salesforce.


We have a problem with taking lists of attendees from our events and uploading them to Hubspot for lists to send emails out, and I'd like to avoid doing that going forward, as I have just recently taken on this task.


Any advice, feedback, or general help with this would be greatly appreciated. Even suggestions to Hubspot professionals who can help set up and streamline this info would be great!

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Community Manager

Data & Privacy Communications - How To Best Optimize Consent

Hi @DLalonde, I hope that you are well!

Great questions, thank you for asking the Community!

1. So, just to clarify, here are the differences:
So marketing contacts are the contacts you'll want to market to (the ones you'll want to send marketing emails for example).
And the email subscriptions are the consents that your contacts give to tell you that they want to receive your communications or not.

Here are some articles about this:

- Set contacts as marketing
- Set up email subscription types
- Manage your contacts' messaging subscriptions
- Turn on data privacy settings in your HubSpot account

2. I found for you these similar posts that might help you:
- The solutions from @Aakar, @Ben_M and @LaurenRyan on this post "Managing Email Subcriptions b/w Salesforce & HubSpot"
- The solution from @WendyGoh on this post "Salesforce integration - syncing subscription opt-in status"

3. Which integration are you using for the events?
There is Eventbrite for example that syncs with HubSpot. Not sure what exactly you are looking for.
To automate the opt-in and the marketing contact status you could use workflows I believe.

I also wanted to invite a couple of subject matter experts to this conversation: Hi @Jnix284, @Crystal_Hopper and @Bryantworks do you have advice to share to help @DLalonde, please?

Also, if anybody else has anything to add and/or share, please feel free to join in the conversation 🙂

Thank you very much and have a brilliant day!


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