Changing Domain for Double Opt In


Hi guys,


So the business I work for has 2 domains, a resources. and an info., of which the info. is our home domain.


I currently run the business blog from the resources. domain and have a subscription box beside each of my blog posts which allows users to subscribe to the business newsletter.


I wanted to make this double opt-in to coincide with the new GDPR regulations so have gone into the double opt-in feature and got the emails all set up etc. The only trouble is that now I am unable to run this feature on the pages I require, since the only pages the feature is allowing me to choose fall under the info. domain and not the resources. domain.


Is there any way that I can separate which double opt-in messages I am sending to the 2 separate domains? I would like to send a "thank you for subscribing/confirmation" to the blog subscribers and a "thank you for registering/confirmation" to the users who register on our main website.


Thanks for any help,



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Hi @Kberlyc


To ensure that the double opt in email works as designed, there is only 1 double opt in email per portal. 


You can, however, utilize personalization tokens within the email to be more personalized.


 @kframpton and @KatieSchieder do you have any suggestions on personalizing emails to make preliminary emails, such as double opt in, more personalized and engaging? 


Thank you,