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Case Study 📖 Embracing first-party data: 3 success stories from HubSpot

With the evolving consumer privacy landscape and the emergence of data privacy laws such as GDPR and other laws and regulations coming into effect, it’s more important than ever for marketers to focus on how they collect and use first-party data. 


There are studies on how enterprise brands are leveraging first-party data in their marketing strategy, however for small and midsize businesses, making this shift to first-party data can be cumbersome if they don’t know where to start.


Learn more about how Zoe Financial, Cluey Learning, and Agicap create and maintain consented customer relationships in “Embracing first-party data: 3 success stories from HubSpot.”


In this case study, Christian Luciano, director of strategic alliances at HubSpot, reviews how these midsize companies use customer data to improve their marketing strategy with a privacy-focused approach. 


These businesses use the HubSpot CRM platform to build first-party data and leverage automation and data syncing through other integrations, such as Google Ads to provide better insight into their customers. 


Would you like to learn more about how these businesses are improving their customer experience and loyalty?


Read the case study here

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