Automated opt-in by form submission - how to deal with complexity of implicit opt-in

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Hi everyone,


Currently working on the below:


We have a webinar setup. If a person fills in the form, I'd like them to receive an automated communication.


However, now that I've set up the "don't email folks without opt-in" functionality, this isn't working as expected (at least if they haven't checked the box).


Would it be possible to achieve this without using the legitimate interest option. I'd actually like to have the form submission act as an implicit opt-in to emails about that piece of content (which is okay, according to our legal) but also offer people the option to subscribe to our newsletter.


I'd say this would be achievable if we were allowed to use the subscription field more freely in forms (and put it as a hidden field, automatically checked, for a specific form) - but that's not an option either.


Current solution stated below:


Screen Shot 2018-10-06 at 16.02.06.png


In this case - if they don't check the first box, they won't receive any communication, which is poor user experience.


Also don't want to assume my audience's time to read these types of boxes, feels like fighting human nature & good user experience.


Any ideas as to how I can solve would be much appreciated.

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A solution for your specific use case will require much greater configuration detail then you've presented here @ThomasB. However, the title of this post, "GDPR - Implicit opt-in" just feels 'wrong' and may prevent further interest by viewers who see that title as 'conflicting'.


Hope that helps. Good luck on your project.




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Hi Frank,


Not sure what you mean by "configuration detail". I'm guessing you need some more background on how I've implemented this specific case so:


1. Someone fills in the details on the page

2. He clicks submit

3. I'd like to:

3.1 Confirm his or her subscription through an automated email (which has a subscription called "marketing transactional" - to which the person should be subscribed in order to receive it.

3.2 Send him the actual link to the webinar

3.3 Send him the link to the recording afterwards


Also changed the title, thanks for the suggestion.


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Configuration detail =

- HubSpot Marketing Pro -OR- HubSpot Marketing Enterprise

- HubSpot 'soup-to-nuts' webinar registration build-out using native forms and workflows -OR- 3rd-party webinar integration

- - if 3rd-party integration, which one??


While I feel your pain on the form specifics of your use case, the bottom line is that GDPR-compliance trumps UX sorta like a royal flush trumps any other flush in poker (wildcards not withstanding). That being said, once enabled, it's unlikely that you'll find a way to circumvent built-in HubSpot GDPR functionality on a form-by-form basis. (by design)


Depending on configuration details above, there may be additional non-UX-ideal solutions you might consider.

-- adding a CTA to the native 3rd-party webinar transational email that asks if they want additional info - i.e., if 3rd-party webinar integration even allows such modification


Again, much greater configuration detail required.


Have a great weekend. 

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I think one of the issues you could be having is that the email type you're sending out doesn't match the subscription type the person opted-in to.


We ran into this issue. For example, we had forms that allowed someone to subscribe to receive news and updates. However, we subsequently created an email type just for webinars. The people added using the first subscription type can't be mailed the second type if they are not subscribed to it.


It might look like you have 3,000 subscribers on your list, but then only 200 receive the newsletter, because the rest were subscribed to another type. There doesn't seem to be a way in Hubspot to see which type someone is subscribed to (or sort by this). 


I haven't yet found a way in Hubspot to bulk FILTER contacts based on subscription type so we can create a LIST and see how many and who are on it. Does anyone know if this is possible?


Also is there is a way to add people to more than one type in the form (the drop down for subscription type only allows you to select one)? 


Also there doesn't seem to be a way to use automation (workflows) to assign people a subscription type (you can do this manually in the Contacts view in bulk) but not automated. So if someone downloads an offer for an ebook, and subscribe to your newsletter, you can't send them a list of upcoming webinars on that topic if that is a separate email type.