Images don't appear in my marketing beta email

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Hello, I sent an email to our office staff with the Marketing Beta. However, the photos are not appearing correctly even when I right click and download them. In some cases, only one picture comes out. The next step would be to right click and view in browser, but we know customers wouldn't actually do that. Is the problem my photos or the email?

Thanks in advance!hubspot email.jpg

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Hi @lorenalopez, thanks for reaching out and letting us know. We've recently made a few changes to the domain names used for hosting these images, which is likely part of what caused this. We've introduced a few fixes since then which should mean this no longer happens. Can you try again and let us know if everything is working ok now?

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Hi @Shay , we did get it working. When we receive the email, the pictures are not viewed correctly, but once we right click and download, they come out. Is there a way we could send the email and have the pictures come out correctly since we open the email? Is that something that depends on the domain you sent it out to?


Thank you. 

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I am experiencing the same problems...Pictures in my emails I send are not showing....