All my outgoing marketing emails are going to spam.

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I am on the Marketing Free plan, with 2,000 emails per month.  All the emails I send out are going to my customers spam.  This is not too surprising, since the email appears to come from:


From: John Sender <> On Behalf Of John Sender

Sent: Thursday, January 3, 2019 12:42 PM

To: Jane Prospect <>

Subject: Hot! New Product!!


What am I missing? Clearly, a mail on behalf of sent by is going to be marked as spam, right?  And is is.

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Hey @kuM3upQK,


While you can't edit the email sending domain (which would remove the via hubspot part of the email), you can still utilize the resources outlined in these docs to make sure your emails aren't ending up in spam folders. 


Email ended up in spam

Contacts not receiving emails


Hope that helps!

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@AnonymousThe first article you reference discusses how to keep email sent to me out of my junk mail folder.  That is not my situation.  I am trying to do e-mail marketing to a list of contacts, perhaps several thousand contacts.


The second article you reference suggests asking the recipient to whitelist me.  Unfortunately, this would entail calling every one of the 2,000 people to make sure they do this.  If I could reach them on the phone, I wouldn't need to do email marketing.


Rather, I wonder if it is possible to set up some kind of DMARC rules that include the hubspot servers (  for either SPF or DKIM. 

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I have the same problem.


I have contacted the support of for example The answer is


How about using some other email delivery service who specialise in delivering emails?
You can use Zapier and your preferred email delivery service(I am using Pepipost) to send emails to Hubspot contacts.
Here's a reference link



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Remove the exclamation marks from your subject line. It will trigger the spam filter. Also, avoid using question marks. This might work.