Week 9: Serving Your Employees During a Time of Crisis

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Employee happiness has increasingly become a focus of people operations teams, and companies as a whole over the past few years. We’ve learned that attracting and retaining great talent is about more than a title or paycheck. 


But what do you do when the workplace and culture that you’ve spent so much time and effort building, are thrown into chaos? 


Over 67% of employees said that their company’s response to COVID-19 was an important factor in their decision to or to not look for a new job. It’s more important than ever to have a strong company culture, brand, and staffing strategy so that you can clearly and openly communicate with current and potential employees about your response. This week, we’ll examine how to approach these topics and more. 


For more information on this week’s topic and to find resources to help you face these challenges, check out our main series page


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