Week 10: Pivoting your website

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With how fast the world around us is changing, people are looking for more information than ever, and they’re looking for it online. In fact, website traffic spiked 24% above pre-COVID averages in the weeks following the pandemic beginning.


Odds are good that in the last few weeks you’ve had to disseminate information faster than normal, move a portion of your business to ecommerce, expand your customer support and education, or perhaps all the above. 


The moral of the story is, if your website wasn’t already top-of-mind as a main resource to grow awareness around your business, sell products or services, or keep your prospects and customers informed - it should be now. That’s why this week is all about helping you put your website to use -- and fast. 


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We've found material or a "guide" from Donald Miller's Storybranding company to be helpful in guiding a company's leadership to a one sentence description of the business focused on the main person in the story, the ultimate client. They (client personas and actual clients) are the hero in the story, not the business itself. A good assessment is to count how many mentions of "we" exist on the website homepage! More info here.