Managing Social Media during a Crisis

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More than five months into the economic and global health crisis brought on by COVID-19, marketing teams across the globe have dramatically altered aspects of their social media strategy to meet the rapidly changing needs of their organization and their audiences. 


From paid spend to content strategy, brands have found varying degrees of success pivoting their marketing approach to accommodate a paradigm shift in consumer behavior.


This week, as this climate becomes the “new normal”, we’ll look at trends and strategic recommendations to help you build a social strategy for now.


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My question got 94 upvotes during the webinar today, so I know many people are wondering how to navigate this:


How do we continue posting if we don't have content that pertains to what's happening in the world, without seeming insensitive?


Our company, in paticular, does restaurant consulting. Restaurants have been deeply deeply affected by covid-19, and we can speak to that on our posts. But with other issues happening around the world, and now specifically with so many in our area being affected and displaced by the wildfires, how do we maintain a frequent presence on IG without seeming insensitive to these things? It seems unnatural and inappropriate to post happy pictures or captions that sound as if we're blind to the tragedies happening; but at the same time, we don't have (and don't necessarily want to create) content/photos that highlight covid-19 or the fires.