How Listening to Your Customers Can Grow Your Business

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A lot has changed over a short period of time. Many businesses have adjusted decades-long processes, dealt with an influx of customer questions, or brought new customers on for the first time under less-than-ideal circumstances.The question is - how are they doing with all this?


Your customers’ feedback is an invaluable tool to keeping retention high, attracting new business, and generally improving how your company operates.


On Thursday, September 3 at 10am PT/1pm ET HubSpot. GM and VP of Product, Ying Chen sits down with guests from Wootric, Typeform and Podium to  talk about how to set up systems and processes that help you track what your customers are thinking and saying about your business--and what you can do with those insights. 


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Thank you for the informative session! I had three follow-up questions:


What books, podcasts, and/or trainings does this panel recommend for someone who wishes to dive deeper into the subject matter?


When you've asked a customer to rate their experience on a scale of 1 to 10, and their response indicates they've had a poor experience, what is the best practice in terms of how you would folllow up with them to find out what exactly needs to be improved?


What are a few tactical methods/practical applications this group has used or uses to capture customer feedback in realtime? 


Many thanks!



Great session - thanks so much!


Thanks for an amazing webinar! 

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The recording. from today's webinar can be found here!


In case you missed it - there were some offers shared from our panelists:


Hope you enjoy! 


Thanks. It was very informative. I missed part of it. Will you send us a recording link?

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Just added to my post above!  


Aloha, really enjoyed the webinar replay, thank you! I have a question - is there a way, tool or service one can use to collect and analyze all the stuff that my Instagram followers posts and comments about me? For some years now, there've been many such and I'd love to create a wordcloud from their posts, see who's posted about us more than once, etc. Is there such a thing? Mahalo for any help! Barbara
P.S.: Bless you, Kaela, for mentioning us complete newbies; made me feel right at home. 😉