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[HUG] How to Radically Improve Email Performance NOW | November 30th | 11AM (EST)



How to Radically Improve Email Performance NOW

Cincinnati HUG | Wednesday, November 30th | 11AM (EST)

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Think you know the ins and outs of email marketing? Think again! You don’t need a fancy platform or large budget to generate incredible outcomes. Driving successful email performance is as easy as implementing a few smart techniques. This fast-paced session will look at key behavioral changes driving the latest tactics and techniques for both B2B and B2C, ensuring you stay ahead of the pack while avoiding marketing pitfalls.


Leveraging real industry data from the last 30 days, you can expect to gain valuable insight around:

  • Simple and quick tweaks to double open rates for your email campaigns
  • The power of subject lines and how specific words can make your email standout
  • “Dead” tactics and taboos that deserve a resurrection
  • How to personalize like a pro with emojis and interactive designs to capture specific audiences
  • The best days and ideal frequencies for sending emails, including a look at and post-session access to the ‘Best Days to Email’ calendar





The HUG program helps customers connect and find a support group for topics that matter to them. It helps us solve for the community and in 2022 you will see that more than ever. Right now, it supports 150+ city-based user groups worldwide but we've ambitious plans to grow throughout 2022. This program serves to unite, educate and inspire customers with each other to help promote community-driven learning and development. 


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