ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

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Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you this June! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert
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Hello! I'm Katherine from Grand Bequest (www.GrandBequest.co.uk), a property technology start-up based in Edinburgh, Scotland building a Saas-enabled Marketplace to help communities save vacant buildings.


Looking forward to learning more about how to integrate HubSpot into our operations to get as much engagement within our communities and partners networks. Download our App and post a building that should be saved from your communities and tell us what you think the building should become! Katherine 🙂 




Hi, I am Prashanth, Co-founder of Wozart.


We are based our Hyderabad, India and are building connected devices that enhance and simplify everyday human life at homes and offices. With ELEVATE, we would like to learn how to improve our sales and marketing processes and reach more people.


Looking forward to learning from you all! 


Hi Everybody!
I'm Lynn Mikolajczak.

I live in Belgium.
I have a fashion agency specialized in work fashion.

We aim to make work fashion for professional women more visible and accessible via content marketing, PR and sales.

Soon we launch an online shopping platform as an extra service for our fashion brands. 

I always want to learn more and help our clients better, so that's why I am here. 

After a meal, you can always make me happy with tea and a biscuit. 




Nice to e-meet you here Lynn!

Good job with your agency and look forward to seeing your e-store launch!




Hello Everyone, this is Ashok from Pune, India.


  • We are building TimeApp to helps healthcare professionals to efficiently manage thier clinic and grow practice.
  • With ELEVATE, we want to learn how to stand out from others and continuosly delight our customers for long term success.
  • Gulabjamun is my favorite dessert.

Thank You for such great learning opportunity.


Hi everyone,

I am Madeleine from Bizzcoo.


We´re located in Sweden, Stockholm and we help consultant companies and networks to digitalize their day-to-day work so they can spend more time with their customers and have control of their business.


My favourite dessert is chocolate mudcake - yammy!


Nice to meet you all! 




Hey hey! I am Megan - I am Scottish but live down in Western Australia now. 
I am a personal brand strategist - basically marketing people rather than companies. I love it, my clients are awesome and have such incredible stories worth sharing. I help them get clear on their why, their messaging and strategies to get noticed but their target audiences. 


Fav dessert is anything MATCHA - yum!!

I am hoping to learn a thing or two from the epic crew at Hubspot - it will be replays for me down here in Oz but looking forward to it. 


Hi Megan, would like to connect with you!  judy@urbancottagelandscapes.com




This is Giri Sharma from Delhi, India.  We provide Manpower and recruitment services to various industries.  Currently contemplating venturing into new exciting business opportunities.  Hope to see new business ideas here and connect with like-minded people.  Dessert: I like sweets, there are plenty of them. 😂


Looking forward to connect with wonderful people out there and having a mutually beneficial business relationships.


Hello community, looking forward to the sessions tomorrow!

Name: Ankesh Sinha
Location: Bengaluru (also called Bangalore), India
Startup: PrudentAutolytics, one-stop intelligent automation, hyper-automation, and data analytics service provider that fast-tracks better business outcomes for our clients.
With ELEVATE: We would like to learn how to improve our sales and marketing processes and increase our reach to more clients.
Favorite dessert: Rasgulla!




I am, Rajnish, Founder at SRK Online, based in Dubai, UAE. 


Our company is working to support Small and Medium Business & Startups in the E-Commerce industry, by offering solutions catered to individual business needs. We also provide end-to-end solution for businesses looking to grow their business online, through Digital Marketing and Social media channels.


Having been a Sales & Mktg professional with over 25+ yrs experience in India & MEA region, I also mentor many young startups in Dubai to help them achieve their dreams.


We recently launched PHOTOPLAN8 - UAE's 1 st On Demand Photography Booking platform, which curates and lists services of Content creators (Photographer/Videographers & more) and allows SMB/Brands & Agencies to hire them directly for their projects. 


I am a Photographer by passion, a tech geek who loves playing football (or watching from a couch). A father to 2 kids, and a foodie, trying to go vegetarian. I am looking forward to collaborating and networking with the Hubspot community.






Hey Everyone!

I am on a mission to make AI easier for any business to use via UnifiedAI.
This means we make it as simple as plugging it into your existing process to get up and running!

I'm always up for a quick chat anytime about anything related to AI, business automation & workflows.


Hi there! I am Karla of Topo & Collab — helping SMEs evolve and adapt to the constantly changing digital landscape through design-led digital marketing.


Thanks, Seedcamp and Hubspot, for The Growth Accelerator Session!


Indeed, we are all a work in progress! See you virtually, and stay safe!


My favorite dessert is coffee crumble ice cream.


Hi, hope everyone's well wherever you are!


My name is Suharti and am based in sunny Singapore. We're launching a performance energy drink powered by adaptogens called Good Conduct end of August 2021. The goal is to provide an alternative beverage that is catered to enhance daily life, mental and physical health. I hope to get as many takeaways from the established mentors and sharing especially on how to turn customer research into growth.


My favorite dessert just like everyone else, ice cream - chocolate chip cookie dough specifically 😉


Hello everybody, My name is Salome Njoki. I am located in Nairobi, Kenya, and work for this startup Kwara. I am excited to listen to the marketing and growth material as well as sales. Very excited about this opportunity. The verdict is hanging on my favourite dessert but at gunpoint, I would say a well made Tiramisu works wonders.

Participant | Diamond Partner

Hi all,

I am Ehsan from Stockholm. My startup is a Growth Marketing Agency and I hope to learn more about how to build my growth engine much better.  My favorite dessert is Tiramisu. 


Hello Everyone, 


I am Biplob Kamrujjaman, founder of OaMetrix (www.oametrix.io). OaMetrix is a SaaS platform that helps publishers and universities manage their Open Access Publishing deals and Author Article Processing charge. 


We are located in South East of England, United Kingdom. I am looking forward to participating in Elevate sessions and hoping to learn how I can effectively run my marketing programs. 


My favourite dessert is tarte aux fruits. 





Hello! I am Teresa Lemaire with HandyTradie!

HandyTradie currently operates in Ghana with a core team located in Accra and Melbourne. We are looking to learn and absorb everything!

Favourite dessert - stickydate pudding


Hello, This is Vanja from Kyky Today!


We are a startup based in Finland. We are a human-centric marketplace where anyone can sell their skills or talents with immediate booking and no commissions.

Through ELEVATE, I hope to get insights regarding SEO, good sales practices, and metrics.

My favorite dessert is Italian ice cream!

See you all tomorrow 🙂



Hi, I'm Anuj, based in Nairobi, Kenya.

I own a photobook company (https://perfectpics.co.ke/) and we recently launched the 'Safari' photobook. The idea is to capture a tourist's experience while on holiday in Kenya, packaging those memories in a book that is 'gifted' to the tourist by the tour company. We use the predictability of these trips (itenerary based), plus tour guides to capture the images needed to make this a hassle free memory book for the tourist, while serving as a marketing platform for the tour companies.

We are looking at ELEVATE to help us in the marketing of this concept to the 450+ tour companies in Kenya, automating and tracking the sale progressions over time. 

Fan of ice cream, ideally smeared in a chocolate coating!



Hello, I am Rispa Miliza from Hello Tractor, Nairobi Kenya

We are an Agritech company that provides asset management solutions to equipment (tractors) owners and also provide a platform for smallholder farmers to get access to mechanization services🚜

Through ELEVATE, I'd like to get more insights on good sales practices.

My favourite dessert is chocolate cake with mint frosting😊


Hello. This is Ali from Carta Healthcare!

We are based out of San Mateo, California but we are a truly global team with teams working in different countries and timezones around the world. 


Carta Healthcare is out there to help improve patient outcomes by automating clinical abstraction. Carta Healthcare’s data abstraction solution for registries harnesses artificial intelligence to translate clinical data from clinical notes and medical records into recommendations which improve the quality of patient care.


With ELEVATE, we would like to learn how to improve our sales and marketing processes and increase our reach so more schools will learn about our solution.

My favorite dessert is New York Cheese Cake 😀 Looking forward to connect with you all!


Sounds great @alitahir . There's also the potential to connect with another organisation within our group. Check out https://www.automedi.co.uk.There might even be an opportunity for collaboration as automation will be a great synergy between the two. 


Hello everyone!  So excited to get to learn about so many amazing companies!  My name is Paoola, co-founder of My CareCrew.  Our mission is to make the cancer journey a little more bearable for patients and caregivers.   We do this by:

- creating a free mobile app that helps patients and caregivers deal with comment daily pain points like asking for help, managing help offers from family & friends, sharing updates and more... mycarecrew.co
- online store, that curates products and services to make the cancer journey easier store.mycarecrew.co

Looking forward to learning from everyone's experience to help us have a successful app launch! 

And thank you HubSpot for accepting us into this accelerator!


Fav sweet - - milk chocolate! 


@psefair - Hey. Good to meet you. Sounds interesting. 

Could I put you in contact with www.automedi.co.uk? They're a circular addive manufacturing fleet that 3D prints care equipment at the point of use, instead of manufacturing it in distant factories. It works a lot like a vending machine. The company happen to be looking to work with care suppliers, distrutors and directly with providers. So there might be a chance of a collab. 

Good to meet you anyway


Hi, I'm Claire from the Healing Hub. 


We're based in Kent, UK and are bringing the power of breathwork for stress release to our members via The Healing Hub app. After the initial effort to create this unique product, take the app live and create a corporate offering, our focus is to attract, engage and delight new and existing members to smash our goal of reducing workplace stress by 50% (currently 4/5 employees in the UK are suffering from stress). Looking forward to meeting you all. p.s I'm also moving house this week so may not be there live!


My favourite dessert has to be Strawberries and Cream - Kent has the (arguably) best strawberries! 🍓 


Hi, my name is Nicola from Primeira Classe Consulting 😁


Primeira Classe Consulting is a multi-service firm based in the East Midlands, UK devoted to supporting business activities across the MedTech and Pharmaceutical industries to deliver innovative solutions. We principally deliver services on Operational Strategy, Project Management, Process Improvements and Sustainability.


We are hoping for some great ideas and tools to help us progress with our sales and marketing strategy.


Favourite dessert; extremely tough choice but Key Lime Pie 🥧 tips it for me!!


Looking forward to the webinars 😁


Hello, community,


My name is Danyal and I am a marketing executive for a small Irish startup (Idiro Analytics) based in Dublin, Ireland. We are customer analytics experts who specialise in designing and delivering both customised and our own standardised solutions.


We use advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve complex business problems. Just like every other B2B company we find ourselves sending out mass emails/LinkedIn outreach every month for MQL's.  Through Elevate, I hope to put a concrete system in place wherein businesses approach us not the other way round. 

Favourite dessert - Chocolate cake


Company name - Idiro Analytics (www.idiro.com)



Hello, I'm Ash from ListMe 👋


ListMe is based out of London, UK. Our objective is to bring a major digital transformation into the leisure and entertainment industry. If you've seen a door picker with a clipboard, then you know we still aren't 100% digital yet. Or a guest who wasn't allowed to enter a venue, because they forgot their ID at home. 

We believe in social connectivity with security in mind. Hence, we created a one-stop system that manages every aspect required for promoting and marketing a venue or event. 

With Elevate, we would like to educate ourselves in inbound marketing strategies we can apply. And also enhance our sales process to reach more events and venues to understand the problems they face and how we could add value.  


Favorite dessert: Cinnamon Roll 😋



Hey guys - it's great to be a part of the cohort. Incredibly exciting to be a part of this community & looking to contribute in any way I can. Please feel free to reach out at nikhil@litmuseye.com

  • Name: Nikhil Sharma
  • Location: Bangalore, India
  • Startup: LitmusEye, a platform that democratize analytics on unstructured data [emails, pdfs, print-outs, annexures] for Enterprises
    • Example Usecase 1-> Automated Parcel Freight bill audit for E-commerce shippers who have a hunch that their parcel logistics partners like DHL, UPS & others are billing them inaccurately
    • Example Usecase 2-> Enterprises with multi-format Invoices wanting to automate Data Entry, with our human-in-the-loop cognitive OCR with >99% accuracy
  • Hoping to learn: Product positioning, Actions needed to increase inbound queries
  • Favourite dessert: Rosogolla (Context + History in link)