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HubSpot Employee

ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Welcome to ELEVATE! We are so excited to work with each of you this June! Let's get started by introducing ourselves. Feel free to tell us whatever you'd like but here are a few ideas to get started:

  • Your name
  • Where you are located
  • What your startup is
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE
  • Your favorite dessert

ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hi, folks - Nick here from where we've enabled human-specific personalization as a feature in any MarTech tool (like HubSpot!) thanks to machine learning. More opens, more clicks, more revenue, less time and spend.

I'm looking forward to hearing straight from HubSpot's marketing experts on building out a community-supported, product-led growth motion.

I'm a Type 1 Diabetic so desserts are rare, but watermelon's in season and a delight.


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hi Everyone,


My name is Ritish and I am the Co-Founder of Zluri, a SaaS management platform for IT Teams. We help companies discover, manage and optimize their SaaS stack from a single dashboard. I am based in San Francisco, USA.


I am looking forward to learning from the experts on Inbound best practices to scale our business. My favourite dessert is Rasagulla 🙂





ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hello crew!

Thrilled to be here:)


My name is Rachel Cossar, from Boston. I am Co-Founder/CEO at Virtual Sapiens where we are leveraging machine learning technology to amplify human connection. With the increased dependency on video meetings to connect in meaningul and impactful ways, Virtual Sapiens becomes your very own sidekick. For anyone who wants to drive positive impact over video, VS provides live and post-call personalized feedback on essential communication skills. Our goal is to help individuals and teams feel more comfortable, confident and authentic on video so they can rise into their full professional potential. 


We are hoping to come out of Elevate with some sharpened tools and techniques to amp up our marketing strategy. 


Favorite dessert is ice cream:) 


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

My name is Stefana Sopco but everyone calls me Stef or Fana.

I am located in the Netherlands, originally from Romania.

Our startup/ scaleup Smartflow is a SaaS connected worker platform aiming for a full digitization of frontline operations. 

I hope ELEVATE will help me reach out new ideas of how I can position our B2B solution on the market in a more engaging, interesting manner. 

My favorite dessert is lava cake 😄 


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hi Everyone!


My name is Walter and I am one of the founders of Titlespace, a Sydney-based property startup focused on changing the way conveyancing is done in Australia. I am very excited to be part of this group! 






ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hello Hubspot Community,


My Name is Iyabo Bello and I live in London United Kingdom.


The name of our startup is iKooK, iKooK is a platform where you can book a private chef to cook for you are home or any of your event. (


We hope to get everything Elevate can offer us to run iKooK smoothly.


My favourite dessert is apple pie and grape.







ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

  • Your name: Hello my name is Gustavo Jimenez, I'm from Costa Rica but I live in Mexico.
  • Where you are located: Zibata, El Marques, Querétaro, Mexico.
  • What your startup is: Real Estate and content and marketing agency
  • What you hope to get out of ELEVATE: extract the most of hubspot and the inbound techniques.
  • Your favorite dessert: Arroz con leche

ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Robert DeNicola Jr.

Newton, MA

We are leveraging over 30 years of Barrett Technology's cutting robotics innovation to the make the most advanced upper extremity rehabiliation trainer for neurological insult (stroke, TBI, SCI, etc.).  We are revolutionizing how therapy is being delivered...pushing therapy gyms into the future much like Intutive revolutionzied the the surgical suite.

My hope it to share ideas, learn new things and possibly make us more fundable ASAP.

Apple pie!



ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hi there, I´m Almir Neves, , CEO from hubkn, hubkn inc. We are from Brazil and our startups in bring AI and sales science for RevOps. My favorite dessert is Pudim, a kind of condensed milk flan.  Our goal with Elevate this year @cpieri is be ready to lunch our app at hubspot marketplace!


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hi all, I'm Marla from Margin 🌱

We're currently based in South Africa - soon moving to, and launching our company in Luxembourg, Europe. We're developing a SaaS platform where companies can manage, monitor, and report their sustainable and financial disclosures. We're making it easier for their stakeholders to understand, easily comply with regulations and enable industry benchmarking. Our goal is to get businesses to think more sustainably as we aim to enhance transparency between performance (financial) and sustainable data, and eradicate greenwashing in the process.

With ELEVATE, we hope to learn how to improve our sales/marketing processes, generate market traction, and raise awareness. 

Favorite dessert: Lemon meringue pie 🍰

Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hi everyone!


My name is Enzo and I lead the markting team of Abacum ( We are a SaaS startup that helps finance teams automate and accelerate collaboration of their financial planning & analysis (FP&A) process. We are based out of sunny Barcelona but with an office in New York. 


I am very curious to learn about how other SMEs are doing their Sales & Marketing and how I can strategically organize   our marketing plans to be efficient and effective.


For dessert, I can eat tiramisu or mint chocolate ice cream every day (3x a day even!) Looking forward to interacting with you during the event!



ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hey Everyone!


I'm Alex Malebranche, Founder of PlaneAhead.

I currently live in Denver with my wife and 2 girls.


PlaneAhead is the first company of its kind, that takes full advantage of the termination of airline change fees. We track your purchased itinerary from the day you buy until take off. When the price of your ticket goes down, we automatically exchange the ticket and send you the airline credit from the change. We have gotten customers over $500 in credits back in one flight alone. Check out what we're doing at and hopefully we'll get some members out of all of you 🙂

I'm excited to build a network of fellow founders and get feedback on everything we're doing here at PlaneAhead.


My favorite dessert is anything with apples and cinnamon. Apple pie ✔️ Apple crumble ✔️ 


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hi, just joined the 6/22 cohort, and excited to be on board. Looking to help my company grow its Linen as a Service business, which eliminates laundry from your rental business. For dessert, how about a nice blue Stilton with cranberry preserve on a water cracker! My name is Alpha, I'm located in Milwaukee, and hoping to get a structured approach to being creative to delivering WOW.


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hello! My name is Melissa Green. I'm the owner of Southern, Sweet & Sassy! We are a "Roast to Table" Coffee company. Military Spouse & Veteran-Owned! We are strictly eCommerce, but I'm located in SC. I hoping to obtain so much information that will help my start-up scale. Anything sweet and chocolate is my favorite dessert!


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hey Everyone! 👋


I am Emanuel from Austria 🇦🇹

Co-founder and CEO of based out of London 🇬🇧 dynamically generates entire sales emails, fully automated through buy triggers and achieving high conversion through persona-optimised messaging.   

My goal for Elevate is to learn how to build a successful inbound lead engine. 

In Austria we have plenty of excellent dessert options - I'd go for "Apfelstrudel"!

Talk soon!


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

I'm Charlotte, Head of Marketing at Coa, your gym for mental health 💪🧠


  • I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 and currently live in sunny Los Angeles via SF, Egypt, & Mexico. 
  • I hope to meet people who can be a support in this startup rollercoaster journey and learn how to level-up as a startup marketeer.
  • My fave dessert is cherry pie 🍒🥧 


Copy of Launch Assets.jpg



ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone! My name is Monica Selden and I am the owner of Selden Cafe, an online coffee company that specializes in Colombian coffee.  We offer our products in ground, whole bean and in K-cups.  We are based in the United States and Colombia.  With ELEVATE, we would like to learn how to boost our sales and improve our marketing processes to help our brand awareness. 


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

👋Hi, I am Ksenia from Modulize


🇳🇴We are an Oslo-based SAAS start-up.


🤖Our team is working on software that finally unlocks the true potential of prefabrication and modular construction.


🏗️Our mission is to build a world where #construction is faster, cheaper, and greener, all without sacrificing quality or character.


🎓With the help of ELEVATE, we hope to improve our marketing strategy and pump skills in inbound activities. 


🍰Favorite dessert: Pavlova cake 


🌍Check our LinkedIn profile here! 


🤝We are excited to meet all of you! 



ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

@ksenia_modulize This looks great! We're in a similar space, focusing on sustainable washers and gaskets for plumbing and home improvement projects. is the maker of the Everlasting washer which is offered through a new e-commerce and Industry 4.0 manufacturing platform. Great to connect


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Good afternoon ELEVATE community, 

My name is Juan Maya Hernandez, I am university student at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. I am the founder of PREPARE, we bridge the gap between undocumented students and employers. We help undocumented students prepare for the job market, find their first dream job and connect with employers. We help employers provide more opportunities for undocumented students, learn how to hire them, and recruit undocumented talent. At ELEVATE, I hope to connect with like minded individuals and learn as much as I can on how to move my venture forward. My favorite dessert is mexican shaved ice called "raspado"! Let's connect on Linkedin:! 


ELEVATE 2021: Introduce Yourself!

Hello Community! My name is Agueda, located in the Dominican Republic, where I have started up a career services business at Follow me!


With ELEVATE I hope to learn the most updated skills in the sales/marketing environment, plus getting to know everyone in this community! My favorite dessert will always be ice cream, especially peanut butter flavor!