Adapt 2020: HubSpot Academy AMA - The Shift to Educational Content

Academy Team

Increased marketing email open rates, website traffic and conversations suggest that buyers and customers still want to engage with companies. However, what they’re interested in may have shifted.


This isn’t the right time for promoting your latest product or services, but it’s a great time for educational content. What can you offer your customers or prospects without asking for anything in return? Our own website has seen a notable uptick in people looking to take classes, get certified and learn during this time at home. How-to content is also a strong bet for search engine optimization and long-term compounding traffic. 


With that in mind, it’s worth considering shelving purely promotional content and creating educational resources instead. But how do you do that? Where do you start? What is the process for developing educational content for your current and potential customers? 


The Hubspot Academy Team Professors are here to answer your questions! 


HubSpot Academy is the worldwide leader in free online training for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service professionals. We specialize in comprehensive certifications, singular topic courses, and bite-sized lessons for professionals looking to grow their career and business. Our purpose is to educate and inspire so that we together transform the way the world does business. 


What do you want to know? What questions do you have for developing educational content for your business? 


  1. What questions do you have about how we develop educational content? 
  2. What content do you want to see from Academy to help you develop the skills you need? 
  3. What questions do you have about content you have consumed from Academy already? 

How it works: 

  1. Post your questions throughout the week.
    • Your questions for us can be about anything: how to create and utilize educational content for your customers, questions you’ve had while going through HubSpot Academy content, or what’s coming next from HubSpot Academy.
    • Anything educational content or HubSpot Academy related we’ve got you covered. 
  2. Our professor team will be answering your questions on Friday, April 17th all day.
  3. Check back and keep the conversation going.
  4. Continue to engage with Academy and other learners on Community.


Who are our Academy Team Professors?


Jorie Munroe (@JorieMunroe )- Hailing from the wintry north of Vermont, Jorie is a Professor on HubSpot Academy. They are dedicated to educating and inspiring people about reporting, conversion, and advertising. They are an avid reader, coffee enthusiast, and proud cat parent. Academy Content Highlight: Tracking Marketing Success with Attribution Reports in HubSpot


Adriti Gulati (@agulati ) -- Adriti is currently an Inbound Professor for HubSpot Academy, focusing on Service Hub. Prior to HubSpot, Adriti worked at a non-profit educational program focusing on getting high school students into colleges and universities. She is passionate about ensuring education is accessible for all. Outside of work, Adriti can be found at your local Chinese restaurant, or at a spin class, trying to work off said Chinese food. Academy Content Highlight: Customer Journey Mapping


Anni Kim @AnniKim ) -- is an Inbound Professor for HubSpot Academy who focuses on educating the world about automation and integrations. When she's not filming in the studio, she's probably traveling the world in some top-notch sneakers and sampling all the local cuisine. Academy Content Highlight: The HubSpot-Built Integration for Zoom (and app Native Integration Lessons in Academy App) 


Kyle Jepson @KyleJepson ) -- teaches sales and CRM courses at HubSpot Academy. He is best known for his work on the HubSpot Sales Software Certification and the Sales Enablement Certification. He is the father of three children, the lucky husband of an equally lucky woman, and aspires to be the author of one of those paperback novels you see in grocery store check-out lines. Academy Content Highlight: Getting Started With Account-Based Marketing (ABM)


Rachel Sheldon ( @rsheldon )  - Rachel is an Inbound Professor on the HubSpot Academy team focused on educating and inspiring people about the HubSpot CMS. Academy Content Highlight: Brand New CMS for Marketers Certification Course


Adi Shah ( @ashahhubspot ) --  Inbound Partner Professor (Technical) on HubSpot Academy. Adi loves working closely with HubSpot partners to educate and inspire them through engaging education, growth opportunities, and collaborative projects. Adi worked in a variety of sales, marketing, and service consulting roles prior to joining Academy. Outside of HubSpot, he enjoys singing, listening to live music, and deep philosophical conversations about Harry Potter. Occasionally laughs in videos, just to remind you that Academy professors aren't cyborgs...yet.  Academy Content Highlight: All Partner Advanced Content for our Solutions Partner Program 


Jeff Ausura - Jeff is a web developer and educator with many years experience building fun and not as fun stuff on many platforms. When he’s not in front of a computer, Jeff likes to make music, furniture, and photos. He lives in the woods in Maine. Academy Content Highlight: Building a Basic Web App


Juanita Moreno @Juanita ) - Specializing in Spanish content for Academy. Head over to the  HubSpot Academy en Español for more information. 


Tiphaine Amblard ( @Tiphaine_A )- Specializing in French content for Academy. Head over to the HubSpot Academy en Français for more information. 


Laura Stehl @Laura_Academy ) - - Specializing in German content for Academy. Head over to the HubSpot Academy auf Deutsch for more information. 


Kristen Granara ( @kristengranara )- HubSpot Academy’s Senior Learning & Development Specialist
Kristen is the HubSpot Academy Senior Learning & Development Specialist. As a lifelong learner with 14+ years of training experience and a BFA in graphic design, she combines her passion for learning, training, creativity, and love of building relationships to empower her learners. Kristen encourages her learners to be themselves while stepping outside their comfort zones.


Justin Champion - Justin is a professor for HubSpot Academy who is most well known for creating the Content Marketing Certification. He has 8+ years of experience in digital media and loves solving customer content marketing needs both online and offline. Academy Content Highlight: Content Marketing Certification Course


Crystal King - Crystal is a professor for HubSpot Academy focused on social media strategy, and she is most well known for creating the Social Media Certification. She has led global social media and community programs for companies such as Pegasystems, Keurig, CA Technologies and Sybase. Academy Content Highlight: Social Media Certification Course


Corey Braccialini - Corey is a professor for HubSpot Academy who is passionate about teaching people how to do complicated things in simple ways. He has a Masters in Digital Marketing Strategy from Trinity College Dublin and is inspired by using new technologies to solve timeless problems. Academy Content Highlight: How to Build a Paid Media Strategy 


Dayne Topkin - Dayne is a professor for HubSpot Academy who focuses on solving challenging user problems through content and education. By day, he creates educational content for Academy on topics related to marketing, sales, and service. And by night, he’s a blend of storyteller, UX writer, and content designer who geeks out identifying user needs and finding the right content to meet those needs. Academy Content Highlight: Facebook Marketing Course: How to Develop Effective Organic and Paid Strategies


Courtney Sembler,
HubSpot Academy

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