Adapt 2020: Educational Content - Gated vs Free


Hi, I work with an organization that up til now has produced free eductional live and on-demand video content for it's customer base. They now want to move into some gated content and charge for it. It might be subscription based and or one off purchases. Again for live and on-demand webinars. How can we integrate this seemlessly into our HubSpot site? What tools can be used? We'd like users to be able to login and access their past purchases like a digital library if possible.


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Academy Team

Hello @lholtz57 , 


Great question! 


A few tools that would be helpful to use to achieve this goal would be:


Users with publish permissions can control which contacts can access HubSpot-hosted pages, blogs and knowledge base articles. You can invite contacts from specific HubSpot lists to register with a password in order to view your content. Password-protected content won't be crawled by search engines, and can only be viewed by contacts who are registered and logged in.


Either would give you the ability to create a space where your customers would be able to go back and visit content they have purchased without others accessing. 


You can also use Workflows to send updates to these groups when new content would be available to them as well. 


Please let us know if you have any additional questions!


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What webinar & ecommerce platforms do you recommend that integrate well with HubSpot? We are looking for user friendly but interactive for live educational/training events that are recorded and then offered as on-demand content. Users should be able to login and access their purchased content and re-watch the videos, we issue CE credits that come with a PDF of completion letter. All this should be accessible within the user account.