"Time spent viewing email" Calculation

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Hi HubSpot Community, 


I was analyzing the information I got in the Email Marketing Performance Report.

I was checking the time the people spent viewing the email or the "Time spent viewing email" and I can't get the list of people who Read it, people who Skimmed and People who Glaced.  

So I decided to export the list and based on the time I classified them and calculate the percents by myself. 

The percents I am getting are different from the ones in HubSpot. 

I did it individually and I did it by email adding the times per email. 


I would like to know how does HubSpot that calculations or if there is a way to export the list of people of each category. 


Thank you. 

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Hey @JessOspina,


Have you seen this resource about the "time spent" calculation? 


In regards to how this information is gotten, I think it would be from the tracking pixel in the email, as that is what associates with the email opens and clicks. There isn't a way to export this from the contact end of things as far as I know. 


Hope that helps!