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PHarmony 3月 19日, 2023
Hello Group! How are you? I hope everybody is well. I have a question . Which Email Marketing Software would you suggest for someone that needs the best email marketing service as well as great designs for landing pages? So far I have 続きを読む
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ガイド役 | Diamond Partner
3月 20日, 2023
Thanks for the tag @kvlschaefer ! I see @danmoyle has excellent answers above, +1 to using HubSpot for as much as possible instead of lots of se...続きを読む
GregALT 3月 16日, 2023
I'm a cold emailer who is hungry to learn how to do it right. Anyone else in the same situation? Excited to learn and network with you all!
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3月 17日, 2023
Hi @GregALT , Welcome to the Community & thank you for being open and starting this conversation! Another lifelong learner here! ✋ 🙂 ...続きを読む
CEgan5 2月 10日, 2023
Hi everyone! Excited to learn from this group. Recently moved over to HubSpot from Pardot. We do a ton of webinar email marketing. The webinar platform we use is On24. If anyone has any cool tips and tricks in using the On24 and HubSpot integration 続きを読む
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2月 13日, 2023
Hi @CEgan5 , Welcome to the Email Marketing Study Group and the Community! We're excited to have you here 😄 We have a Marketing Repor...続きを読む
JEverage2 1月 10日, 2023
Hi everyone! I've just finished up the Understanding Email Marketing lesson for this certification. We've been using Zoho as our CRM and for Email Campaigns at my job, but the software limits our contact management and design capabilities. Do an 続きを読む
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1月 11日, 2023
Thank you I'm already gone Julie CRM and I look forward to seeing the quantities and scribers what you Obviously some my sides old tens of thousands p...続きを読む
TanyaVerma 12月 28日, 2022
I am excited to join this group to learn new concepts.
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1月 23日, 2023
Same here!
PawanBhagat 12月 28日, 2022
Hello Everyone, Eager & excited to join this group. Looking forward to meaningful conversations & understanding.
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トップ投稿者 | Platinum Partner
3月 24日, 2023
Hi @PawanBhagat I wanted to mention a links where you can learn about the email marketing feature in HubSpot for better understanding. http...続きを読む
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