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One of the best ways to learn email marketing is by implementing strategies and sharing ideas with other email marketers, just like you.

That’s why we’re so excited to create this community of email marketers to learn and grow better together!

To get started, say hello and introduce yourself. Here are some questions to help you get started:


  • What's your current role?
  • What industry do you currently work in?
  • What makes a memorable email (and why)?
  • What are you hoping to get out of this group?
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Hello all! My name is Shantae. My current role is as a marketing coordinator within the insurance industry, with a primary focus on helping independent agents grow their businesses. I think what makes a memorable email is an email with a catchy subject line, succinct body text, and a killer CTA. I hope to learn best practices and tips to help my team with email marketing and connect and learn from other marketers. Nice to e-meet you all! 


Hello everyone, I'm Sheryl, its great to be here.

I'm a serial entrepreneur and am into educating young graduates and undergraduates alike and a  beauty consultant with Oriflame. I  believe having the connection of the email like it was directed to you as a recipient makes a memorable email. that's the human part.


I'm looking forward to learning and improving my skills to be an effective communicator through emails.

  • What's your current role? Sales Director
  • What industry do you currently work in? Online and wholesale company
  • What makes a memorable email (and why)? the email exactly know what you after and your concern.
  • What are you hoping to get out of this group? To learn, To share.

Hello there,

This is  Veronica Morfin, My current role is contributor here, which is perfect for s short time here. I currently live in mazatlan, Mexico. I work online as an ESL outsourcing services at the community college and at the same time I study a management. What might be so memorable the email marketing is due to the need to create fancy emails  and bulk emails for the students and workers. 

This group is an asset to work collaboratively, voting and sharing ideas as there are new member who ask for ideas, others provide the answer and achieve levels. 

Many thanks




Hi, I am a business manager in the education industry, I believe honesty and directness create a memorable email.   One that provides the reader the information they are after in a concise, friendly manner. I am hoping to understand how others are achieving their goals.


Hi! I am Steph. I am the Director of Client Engagement for an emotional health company.


An email is memorable when it 1.) Has quick, easy to digest info 2.) Is visually appealing to the eye 3.) Has some form of personal connection to me.


I am a fish out of water in email marketing so I am looking forward to learning any and everything!



Hi! I'm Hope Griffin. I'm over the marketing for a local nonprofit and I've started my own Content & Copy Business, Creative Bay. I've been working as a freelance writer for the last four years. 

The most memorable emails are the ones that tell stories that make me feel seen and heard. 

I'd love to learn how to better connect, build trust, and even relationships through email with my clients. 

Looking forward to learning from all of you! 





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Good luck


Hello, my name is Asna Meraaj and I am from Pakistan. Currently I am a student and learning email marketing as my skill


Hello everyone,


I am Debapriya Sarkar. I have recently started my career as a Marketing Executive at a reputed Intellectual Property law firm.


I believe a memorable email is short, contains a clear CTA, and a striking subject line.


I hope to learn and improve my skills in email marketing from this group.


Hi my name is Jaipreet Kaulsay. a memorable email is a clear and realistic email. Proofreading to avoid any mistakes. i hope to learn on ways to send a message to prospects. 


Hello everyone! My name is Isa and I'm a copywriter and email marketer. Looking forward to connecting with you and learning more about email marketing best practices.


Hopefully I will able to look at the email advice and  guidelines and create or add something new that will attract or keep individuals eagerly keen for my content.  


My content subject might target issues such as climatisation providing more information building a chain showing each type and volume of contribution.  For instance I could use a historical event around the same date time to amplify a previous human pattern or event.   I could apply this as a theme or a small graphic (ie google maps) or even a multi choice question to grab the interest of the subscriber or participant.  


If I choose my workspace as music I would setup a sharebase like soundcloud or once I would get regular views create a podcast that would encourage a small paid subscription.  





Hi! My name is Roger and since recently I started working in a Marketing team in Education, for which I implement the Email marketing campaigns. This is all very new to me and I know there is still so much I have to learn! I'm really looking forward to do so and to provide the best experience for our customers and build longlasting, thrustworthy relationships. A memorable email goes the extra mile, by creating trust, having a clear CTA and delivering content beyond expectations of the customer.


Hi everyone. 

I am doing a Master of Marketing.

I think a memorable email would have a good visual design, and it is easy to read.

I want to learn from different perspectives. 

  • Hi everyone!
  • I'm.....Jeff.  Hope everyone is enjoying the content so far.  Now, onto the show, sports fans.
  • What's your current role?  I own my own company,  I write articles for publications in the faith, health/healthcare, education, and technology industry.  Plus, I create content on all my social media channels to share with my audiences with a specific voice designed to cater to each platform.  For example, Twitter posts are so short, I use more adverbs on them, than say, LI, FB, or Insta.  Also, ideas are pithily put.  
  • What industry do you currently work in?  Content marketer or creator for faith, health, healthcare, education, and technology companies and industries.
  • What makes a memorable email (and why)? 
  • A memorable email discloses something personal from the sender in a way where it resonates with the audience.  Usually, it spurs conversation and makes the sender seem accessible so they can help the receiver in some way whether it is a connection to bridge to other contacts. or a source of information for a specific set of pain points.  People crave the attention of other live human beings, and they are looking for these contacts to be real and ideal with them.  Ideal in the way they are treated by them and real in their conversation voice. They want to sense this sender is someone who has value (i.e. new or common outlook on life.)  For example, saying things aloud what people think in their head is a quality that helps receivers bond with senders.  
  • What are you hoping to get out of this group?  Answers and connections.  I hope to help others learn marketing from a teaching perspective and I hope to make friends and build my network.  Last, I have specific questions I'm hoping to get answered.

Hello everyone! My name is Jasel. I'm currently a marketing associate for my church. I believe that a memorable email  resonates with you a while after reading it. It should'nt be overly lengthy but also should contain all information necessary. In my workplace our goal is to share to share the gospel, so if my emails encourage people in their walks with the Lord i believe it will be a job well done. By joining this group, i'm hoping to learn the best ways I can use my position to share the gospel with as  many people as possible. 


Hi everyone. My name is Leo. I am a Digital Marketing Specialist for a non-profit. I currently manage all of HubSpot for the company, including email sending, form creation, and contact management.


A memorable email guides the receiver through it almost like a storybook. The pathway to the CTA should be a natural thing. 


I'm hoping to learn some cool email design tricks, email heath management, and advice on setting up and editing RSS feed options. 

Hello everyone.
My name is Emmanuel walters Onubogu and I'm a copywriter.

A memorable email is one that excites and educated the reader at a deep emotional level.

I would love to connect with new individuals and also learn more about email marketing.

Hi, everyone! I'm Jayson. I am an aspiring virtual assistant. currently, I'm studying email marketing. 


Hi Everyone, Merrill here from Johannesburg, South Africa and I'm here to learn more about email marketing.  I have my own company and need to ramp up the sales and marketing areas of my business so am hoping to lear a lot from all of you.