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(Bad) List management - the root of all evil😈

It doesn't matter if you're a growth marketer with a product/sales/marketing-led company, you're probably plagued with chronic campaign underperformance📉.

This disorganization stems from Email marketing 📧 setup. Marketers are in hurry and create/import lists on logical names or sometimes whimsical names.

Usually, you're focused on the origin of the lists📋. However, by naming them on their origin you defeat the purpose of the organization.

It's key to map the lists by their intended goals🥅. It's easy to create target segments if you know the goals of the lists than finding out the origin.

Targeting lists 🎯 by goals is one of the key steps in getting things right. So, if you're a growth team member, here's what you can do

- Rename your lists by their intended goal names or current state e.g prospects ⌨️
- Measure the effectiveness of lists by figuring out CTOR and CTR🧠
- Filter folks who are engaging with your campaigns🎽 into curated lists
- Run custom campaigns on these curated lists with set goals📣
- Win them as customers by being contextual and consistent 🏅

Do you agree?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

(Bad) List management - the root of all evil😈

Thanks for sharing these fantastic tips, @Roynal

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