secure email extractor and free!


On the web, There are many tools available for email extracting where some are free or paid. 


As an email marketer, Whenever I use a free email extractor  I got Dought about my email security. I remembered, a long time ago exposed to email data from the government of one of an email marketing companies, I think it was a USA company. 


is anyone having any idea more about email extractors?


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Thanks for your suggestion @StjepanGrcic I am using a free email extractor of myemailverifier.

I have checked the RevDrive chrome extension cool!

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Hi @BrendaR01 

I can suggest RevDriver by SalesIntel Chrome Extension

  • RevDriver scans the pages you are researching and intelligently detects the company and contact information on the page. The extension then retrieves records related to the information on the page directly from’s human-verified database and automatically displays that information in the window. Now you always have access to prospect’s email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, as well as company technographic and firmographic data and much more.
  • The best part that RevDriver brings to your prospecting and lead generation is that you get 100 credits/month per user in a free version. This makes RevDriver the best alternative for the other email extractors.

Hope this helps.