<style> tags removed when opening email in gmail



I've experienced an unusual behaviour (bug?) that removes <style> tags when sending an email from HubSpot to gmail. 

1. When sending an email from HubSpot to any mail client <style> tags are not removed. Email looks perfect.

2. When sending an email from HubSpot to gmail, <style> tags are removed. Email looks broken. 🔴

3. When sending an email from any other email marketing software ( Intercom, Mailchimp ) to gmail, <style> tags are not removed. Email looks perfect. 

I can see, a similar issue was reported here: 

I'd appreciate a prompt response, as I'm not sure if we should rebuild our email templates, or wait for the bug(?) to be solved. 

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Let's clarify Gmail for a second. What Gmail client are you referring to?  Web, iOS/Android, Both?  Here's some rules for GMail supporting clients: https://www.emailonacid.com/blog/article/email-development/12_things_you_must_know_when_developing_f... .


Unfortunately the short answer is email is a pain no matter what.  I would ask to look at the email source code of your Hubspot email vs. the other client you tested to see what is different and then highlight those differences as it could be something Hubspot is doing, or it could be something else.  Would you be able to share an example that you have tested from your experience?