how reliable are hubspot's global bounces?

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I just exported a list of global bounced contacts from hubspot and uploaded it into neverbounce. Neverbounce says that 40% of my global bounce list has invalid email addresses.


How accurate is hubspot's global bounce? Has anyone had cases where hubspot marks it as globally bounced but that in fact, the email address is good?

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Hi @mrspabs 


Look this content:


Types of bounces

  • Hard bounce: usually indicates a permanent error, but can also be caused by a strict email security filter. To protect your email sender reputation, HubSpot excludes these contacts from future emails.
  • Soft bounce: indicates a temporary problem with the recipients server, or another temporary technical problem. Contacts who soft bounce are eligible to receive future emails from you.
  • Pending bounce: caused by a temporary technical issue with either the sending or receiving email server. HubSpot continues to try sending the email for up to 72 hours. If the message isn't delivered during that time, it becomes a soft bounce.
  • Global bounce: a hard bounce for a permanent reason across three or more HubSpot accounts. Permanent bounces include email address is invalid and mailbox full. Global bounces are dropped from future emails across all HubSpot accounts.


I understand that Global is if mailbox are full or if have some hard bounce, and not e-mail invalid. 


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