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creating an out of stock email

Hello, My company and I are looking to see if there is a way we could track and send out emails notifying customers when an item comes back in stock. we are an umbrella company and there are 7 stores compnaies we manage. So we are looking for a way to create a submission form that adds them to a list of waiting for items to be restocked, and be able to segment this so that whenever an item comes back in stock they get one email letting them know. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

creating an out of stock email

Hi @ABrown65,


Thank you for your inquiry.


To facilitate the timely communication of stock updates to your users, we recommend establishing a dedicated property that can efficiently capture this information.


We kindly invite you to review the solution suggested by one of our champions, @Teun, in the following discussion thread: "Re-Stock Email Notification." In his response, he comprehensively elucidates the outlined process.


Should you have any additional inquiries or require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Best regards,


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