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tverdokhlib1 on July 15, 2024
Hey HubSpotters, I am trying to change the default Unknown contact subscription text, but don't know how to do it, please check the below screenshot:  Does anybody know where can I find the the backup unsubscribe page text and a read more
0 upvote
0 Reply
Support_twopir1 on July 15, 2024
I am currently working on optimizing our email marketing campaigns and need some assistance with setting up alerts for specific performance metrics. Here are the key requirements I need help with: High Bounce Rates on Campaign Emails Low Open read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Accepted solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 15, 2024 06:50
Hi @Support_twopir1 , As far as I know, this is currently not possible. There aren't any settings or automations for what you're trying to more
SJoseph25 on July 13, 2024
Hi there, I'm looking to launch email marketing campaigns for black hair transplant using HubSpot. What are some effective strategies or tips specific to the health and beauty industry that could help us improve our engagement and conversions? T read more
Accepted solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 15, 2024 04:27
Hi @SJoseph25 , Launching an email marketing campaign for black hair transplants using HubSpot can be highly effective if you follow some more
Mlho on July 12, 2024
Hi - I had two questions regarding scheduling meetings through Hubspot - 1) if my google calendar is synced to my Hubspot, why is my availability not shown when I try to schedule team/group meetings? (my availability is shown when I schedule 1-1 mee read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 15, 2024 04:17
Hi @Mlho , Regarding your first point, I'd recommend going through these troubleshooting steps: more
Anonymous on July 12, 2024
Tired of the hassle of managing coupons on HubSpot? We feel your pain. That’s why we made the Coupons App – to take the stress away and streamline your workflows. It integrates directly into your HubSpot account, so you can easily g read more
1 upvote
1 Reply
July 12, 2024 12:15
I'm interested in trying this out - right now, I haven't been able to figure out a workaround for automatically sending out coupons through my more
Shahad on July 12, 2024
Hi We have almost 4000 contacts marked as marketing contacts, and out of 1500 are inactive users. Our database has more than 10k contacts. The existing marketing contact list was created 2 years ago. so what is the easiest and effective way to upda read more
0 upvote
3 Replies
Accepted solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 12, 2024 09:55
@Shahad if that's the case, you could mark all customers as marketing contacts and all non-customers as non-marketing contacts. Just make more
Mlho on July 10, 2024
Hi - I’ve noticed that the email logs are missing contact information on the first and last names. Could you please let me know how I can retrieve this information?
0 upvote
1 Reply
Key Advisor
July 10, 2024 16:57
Hi @Mlho Can you elaborate a bit using an example and screenshots to explain what you mean? Thanks Frank
AlexHHInstitute on July 10, 2024
This is probably as 101 as it gets but I'm striking out in finding an answer and am very new to this. I have the Sales and Marketing Hub Starter packages. I'm trying to determine if leaving a contact as non-marketing vs changing to marketing will s read more
0 upvote
7 Replies
Accepted solution
Hall of Famer | Partner
July 10, 2024 09:17
@AlexHHInstitute any email you're creating under Menu > Marketing > Email, correct.* * the only exception being transactional emails more
SPoole1 on July 09, 2024
Hi community, We are having some issues getting email opens from our federal customers. This could be due to a number of things, but wanted to test if sending them the "View in Browser" link would get better traction. However, I can't find an read more
0 upvote
1 Reply
Guide | Platinum Partner
July 09, 2024 18:34
Hi @SPoole1 Unfortunately, according to this article by HubSpot , the web version of an email does not have this capability due to the more
Des44 on July 09, 2024
When I clone a private content system page in order to customize the page, I immedietly get the following errors even though I have made 0 changes to the cloned file: Error: 0:-1 The source does not contain the required module member_regi read more
0 upvote
5 Replies
Accepted solution
Guide | Platinum Partner
July 09, 2024 14:39
Hi @Des44 When you clone a template from the default system template folder, the clone gets "detached" from that folder and placed outside more
HKim46 on July 08, 2024
Has anyone found success in adding custom event personalizations into an email? I'm trying to build a simple 'abandoned view' event trigger and highlight the view details (eg name, unique link, location, etc) directly into the email.
0 upvote
2 Replies
July 09, 2024 10:25
I did, but wasn't able to find a section labeled "Custom Events" or something like that. Below is an example of a completed custom event by a user ( more
JorunnL on July 08, 2024
Hi everyone, We're new to Hubspot and our emails were set up on a template that's not branded correctly. How can I apply an updated template to your marketing emails? I can't seem to find a way of doing it other than editing each email which i read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
July 08, 2024 00:42
Thanks for the quick reply @karstenkoehler . That is an excellent question. I have updated the template that I thought was used but it hasn't made more
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