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  • KRaemdonck on September 21, 2021
    2 Replies
    Hi Every month we would like to make a newsletter that we send out to people who subscribed. Now for example we already send it out to the first contacts who subscribed, however now (mid/end september) we've gotten new contacts (in that same lis...
    Top Contributor | Elite Partner
    September 22, 2021 01:29
    Hi @KRaemdonck I think I understand that you want to send the same newsletter twice, to those subscribed at the start of the month and then ...
  • Solved
    CCastillo on September 20, 2021
    1 Replies
    We are hyperlinking an image file to point to this: But when I send a sample to myself and click the link it goes this instead: https...
    September 20, 2021 11:22
    I found the solution, use the trackin gurl builder within Hubspot and it won't override.
  • JLetellier on September 14, 2021
    3 Replies
    I am new to using HubSpot and the team I am working with, created multiple Email templates throughout the years. Prior to making changes to an Email template, is there a way to see which Email from my Marketing Email database uses a specific templat...
    September 16, 2021 05:36
    Please support the idea to have this feature integrated in future HubSpot developments.
  • KimM on September 13, 2021
    1 Replies
    I have signed up for the Programmable Email Beta and wanting to create an email that checks a contact property (contact.sessions_registered_2021) and displays a certain table row depending on what values it holds. The property is a multiple select p...
    Community Manager
    September 13, 2021 21:24
    Thank you for your post @KimM . @JBeatty and @Indra , is this something you have experience with?
  • Solved
    Mainata on September 06, 2021
    2 Replies
    Hi folks, we would like to email a small survey after an event. Something like "How was it?" and answers such as 1, 2, and 3. If the recipient clicks on one of them, HubSpot will store this accordingly in the contact properties. So we need som...
    Contributor | Diamond Partner
    September 07, 2021 02:52
    Hi @webdew , I think that will do the job 😀 Thanks for your great support! Cheers Mainata
  • Solved
    melissachowning on September 01, 2021
    2 Replies
    We're seeing open rates off in a few of our HubSpot portals and suspected it was iOS15 related already... Is anyone else seeing this? We're seeing the rates bounce back up the following day and we're wondering if HubSpot is using any methodology to...
    Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
    September 02, 2021 06:14
    Hi @melissachowning , HubSpot shared information here about the recent Apple mail privacy preotection -
  • Solved
    Sirisha on August 25, 2021
    1 Replies
    Hi team, For each contact in my contact list, there are a set of associated values. These don't fall under any of the pre-defined properties (Sales, Deal info, Facebook ,etc.). These are values that come from our product. Is there a way to incor...
    Most Valuable Member
    August 25, 2021 02:57
    Hi @Sirisha , Yes, this is possible. You can create custom properties to store the information that doesn't fall under the default contact p...
  • Solved
    EGeorge on August 10, 2021
    1 Replies
    Hi, In the last hour, all of my marketing emails in draft have shown a recipient count of 0 even after lists are selected. I tried unchecking the 'unengaged contacts' box, removing all excluded lists, etc. but the count always shows 0. (image be...
    Most Valuable Member
    August 10, 2021 11:10
    Hi @EGeorge , There are two features that could cause this. The first one could be the GDPR settings. Do you have the GDPR settings e...
  • DSleeper on August 06, 2021
    4 Replies
    Continuing to have some frustration with this feature, have already submitted a request to make active filters for Top Engaged Contacts. Today I tried to use a workaround and export a list of just the column related to Top Engaged Contacts, bu...
    August 10, 2021 06:30
    That was informative, but hopefully we can see this as a feature fleshed out more in the future. Or at least have the export PDF function not be a sc...
  • Solved
    MMcIntyre on July 28, 2021
    2 Replies
    Is there a way to remove a user as an email sender and from name but still allow them to create and send emails in behalf of the account? For example, a user from an agency has access that helps a company create and send marketing emails can very ea...
    Top Contributor | Diamond Partner
    July 29, 2021 01:10
    Hi @MMcIntyre , In general across all hubs we can't remove the from names and from emails that are associated with a hubspot user who has acces...
  • Solved
    BArmengolli on July 26, 2021
    4 Replies
    Hello everyone, I created an email template using the drag-and-drop feature that is going to be our main corporate template. Now, I want to edit the template to change font size, social media icons, etc., and the only way that I've found to edit t...
    July 28, 2021 07:33
    Hello Webdew, Do you know if for the design manager, drag and drop solution, coding is required? Will it be only HTML and CSS in this case? Th...
  • wlee168 on July 16, 2021
    1 Replies
    Our newsletter emails follow a very consistent pattern when it comes to email clients used for opens. Gmail always comes in top, with around 46-48%. I sent an email which had a terrible open rate compared to our usual benchmark, and Gmail fell ...
    HubSpot Employee
    July 16, 2021 12:17
    Hello @wlee168 ! Your email being clipped can definitely effect open rates. HubSpot includes a small invisible image tracking pixel at the bo...
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