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EKent le Avril 18, 2024
My company email looks fine in HubSpot but in Outlook, the formatting is completely off. Can someone help please? Thank you
0 Mention J'aime
2 Réponses
Au panthéon de la communauté | Partenaire solutions
Avril 18, 2024 12:36
Hi @EKent , HubSpot has an explanatory article on this topic: ...Lire la suite
HadarZohar le Juillet 31, 2023
I'm trying to use {{}} in a link but it doesn't work if the email address contains "+" in it. We use "+" to test it with our email address: The email format in the example isn't working with {{ Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
2 Réponses
Août 01, 2023 04:48
Thanks. I think I didn't explain myself right or you didn't understand me properly 🙂 I will explain: We don’t want to use the “mailto”, we want to ...Lire la suite
RWebb54 le Juillet 30, 2023
I want to be able to let users resubscribe using a Hubspot form. I think the only way to do that is to use a resubscription email, since the subscription API does not allow doing opt-in if they've already opted out. According to the docs. ther Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Juillet 31, 2023 05:37
Hi @RWebb54 , Thank you for reaching out to the Community! Could you tell us which version of the Marketing Hub you're working with? Thank y...Lire la suite
VSavva le Mars 02, 2022
If I add a personalization field, how does that work if I haven't uploaded a contact list?
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Mars 02, 2022 18:10
Hello @VSavva , great question! Currently, you can set global default values for personalization tokens used in your landing pages, website, pages...Lire la suite
SStrachan le Février 21, 2022
I am trying to build a workflow to pass a query into a programmable email. I can pass the query into a landing page, but not the email. Please watch here for a quick example: Code example: Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
3 Réponses
Accepted Solution
Contributeur de premier rang
Mars 04, 2022 08:33
So I'm still relatively new to the programmable emails stuff, but I think your issue will have to do with the fact that you're trying to pull a URL q...Lire la suite
ramonaddazi le Avril 14, 2021
Hubspot let me send all email I want to, but when my customers answer me, I can't see any email received on Hubspot. I disconnected my email, the domain but it work just for few days. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Gestionnaire de communauté
Avril 15, 2021 06:02
HI @ramonaddazi Thank you for reaching out. Could you clarify if you have a team email connected to Conversations, or if you're using...Lire la suite
tjackson le Septembre 08, 2017
When sending an email with an A/B test, do you have have to send both versions seperately or will it automaticllay send both A/B versions at the same time? Thanks
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Accepted Solution
Membre irremplaçable | Partenaire solutions Diamond
Septembre 09, 2017 06:25
Hi @tjackson If you are using the AB testing feature in HubSpot Marketing Pro or Enterprise, the system will automatically send each variatio...Lire la suite
Deborah le Juillet 04, 2017
Hi all, can I configure somewhere that I get notifications with every email sent by the system to an external email-adress? I know that I can configure e.g. notifications for form submissions of a certain form. But is this functionality also avail Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
4 Réponses
Accepted Solution
Non applicable
Juillet 11, 2017 15:59
@Deborah There is no place in the portal to centrally configure all of your form notifications. You can set up the notifications within the fo...Lire la suite
Jessica le Mars 17, 2017
I added 3 modules next to each other for displaying 3 products. On Desktop they are completely next to each other. On mobile they are one below the other. How can I change this? Or what should I do? thanks a lot
0 Mention J'aime
2 Réponses
Accepted Solution
Contributeur de premier rang
Mars 20, 2017 13:58
When an email is responsive, it means that modules will stack when viewed on mobile because one column tends to better fit a smaller screen. If you w...Lire la suite
utsuzy33 le Février 27, 2017
If I update the sender in an active email with a workflow will it resend emails to people who have already received the email? Sorry, I'm very new and I've been tasked with changing the sender for all of our existing emails.
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Accepted Solution
Équipe HubSpot Academy
Février 28, 2017 09:24
Hello @utsuzy33 . When updating the Sender Email Address in a workflow (automated) email, it will not be re-sent to the contacts who have alrea...Lire la suite
jilwright le Février 27, 2017
I have a contact that wants to be added back to our email list after he has opted out. Can I go in and change that property to get him back on the list? I can't figure out how to change it for him. Thank you!!!!!!!
1 Mention J'aime
3 Réponses
Accepted Solution
Février 27, 2017 11:09
Hi, I had the same problem and found this article from Hubspot. Your customer hast to resubscribe, you unfortunately cannot opt him in again: https:...Lire la suite
gyan123 le Février 16, 2017
After creating email using template module method email newsletter is not being responsive in iphone gmail app and not correctly being responsive in android gmail app. hubspot is adding their own css, this might the causing the issue in gmail app. Lire la suite
0 Mention J'aime
1 Réponse
Accepted Solution
HubSpot Employee
Février 21, 2017 12:02
Hi @gyan123 , welcome to the community. Typically, email design can be pretty tricky because each email client is almost always going to render d...Lire la suite
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