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Is it possible to create a workflow that says:

- Send email 1 for enrollment criteria ABC

- If contact replied to email, stop workflow

- If contact do not respond to email, send email 2.


If not, is there a workaround?


I know this is possible with sequences in sales, but we do not have sales subscription. Is it possible in Marketing hub?




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Q: Is it possible to emulate HubSpot Sales Sequence behavior in a HubSpot Marketing workflow?


Short A: Yes, sort of. (not recommended)


Longer A:

Due to the context within which most marketing emails are contructed, marketing emails built to emulate HubSpot's Sales Sequence behavior in a HubSpot Marketing workflow will either be relatively generic (when compared to the highly personalized sales email strategy HubSpot recommends) &/or they'll end up overly complicating both the email and the CRM just to achieve a comparable level of personalization.


That being said, failing to plan highly personalized marketing emails and sending those in place of sales emails is planning to fail. Alternatively, the time spent customizing both marketing emails AND the CRM in an effort to emulate Sales Sequence behavior simply isn't worth the monthly savings.


Furthermore, the resulting 'sales sequence' workflows will be a 'hot mess' which isn't a HubSpot best practice. haha

- see The HubSpot Workflow Butterfly Effect


Maybe seriously consider Sales Pro. If you're a startup --- apply to HubSpot's Startups Partner Progam for a HUGE HubSpot discount.


Hope that helps.


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