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Work around compliance BCC email send rate limits

I'm looking to use the "Compalince BCC" but I'm not sure how to work around the receiving issue for it. Even with exchange enterprise, there is still a 3600/hour limit, which won't work for large deployments.


I'd like to maintain using an Exchange email box so that internal stakeholders can access it and we get the full power of O365 search in the inbox to find specific messages, but it seems like it'd have to be limited to small automation deployments or micro sends. Has anyone else used the compalince BCC functionality and solved for this issue with O365? I'd rather not go down the route of a custom email server just to receive all these emails (from a maintance standpoint).

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Work around compliance BCC email send rate limits

Hi @mgoswick,


Thank you for reaching out!


I found this communication from Microsoft on their community forum. It looks like Microsoft implemented these limits to combat spam and threats such as viruses. I haven't been able to find any workarounds so far though 😞 


You may want to reach out to the Microsoft Community to connect with other Exchange users who may be in the same situation. Perhaps they would have insight into this!


Any Community member who comes by this thread is also welcome to reply with any experience they have with Microsoft Exchange receiving limits too 🙂 





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