Won't let me send a clone email to the same list


Sent an invitation/registration email last week.  Sending a follow up so they have one more chance to register. Won't let me send to group. Test email works fine.  When I send to group, I get the following message...

  Required fields and warnings
  1. Some of your links contain HubSpot tracking parameters. These parameters will be overwritten. You should check your email source tracking settings.

What can I do to get past this?

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HubSpot Employee


HubSpot Employee

Hi @Rickjones 👋🏼,


To share more, when you see such a warning, it means that there are probably some links in your email that contain certain tracking parameters, and not just a simple hyperlink itself. 


The warning is displayed in this case because your source tracking setting is switched on:

  • In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon settings in the main navigation bar.
  • In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Marketing Email > click on the Tracking tab

Source tracking tagSource tracking tag

With this setting enabled, we will add the default source tracking UTM tags to your URLs in the email and if you add any existing tracking, we will overwrite it with this as well. For example if I add hubspot.com as a URL to my hyperlinked text, the tracking automatically applied would look like this once it's sent:

However, if I choose to add my own custom tracking link, i.e.:

The warning will appear because in my settings, I chose to "Add source tracking tags to all URLs". 



Therefore, in this case, you can either:

  1. Remove the custom trackings in your links and have the default tracking tags applied or
  2. If you wish to apply your own custom tracking for certain links, then select the option to "Add source tracking only if no existing tags in URL". This means that HubSpot will add default tracking tags to URLs that do not include any existing UTM tags and if they do have UTM tags to them already, we will not overwrite them.

Source tracking tag 2Source tracking tag 2


Hope this helps! 🙂