Which is The Best Email marketing Tool?


I have been using mailchimp to increase subscribers and newsletters but all mails are going on promotional box, thats the reason my email clicking rate is very low. So is there any good free email marketing tool for blog promotion? please suggest.

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Key Advisor

I don't necessarily agree that getting in the promotional mailbox of gmail is causing your email click rate to be low. While that can be true in some cases it's not always the case.  There are a few reasons that mail goes there.  One is learning from where users put the mail and also the IP address that you are sending from.  Since you are on a free account, you are bulked into free IP addresses and Google can pick up on this.


If you are just looking to promote your blog and you don't anticipate other needs (CRM integration for example), then I would say that sticking with Mailchimp is probably your best bet for a free tool.  If you are looking to grow and do more there some more options that provide additional complexity to help you market and grow further, but many come with a cost.