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When I add an image via a URL, it is now getting added to the media library. I don't want that.



It now appears that if I add an image to an email via a URL, it is being added to our media library after being resaved as a WebP file, and the image link in the email is referencing that WebP file and not the URL for the image I provided.


Why was this change implemented, and is there a way to disable it? We send a lot of emails and our media library is going to get absolutely cluttered with files.


I recognize a lot of people using Hubspot to make marketing materials are not necessarily graphic designers, so converting and resizing files for a flexible format like WebP makes sense for those who aren't necessarily a graphic designer or who do not have the technical know-how to optimize their files. For those who do, though, this can be detrimental. 


I upload images for our marketing emails to our website's server. I also optimize the files myself. I would prefer to be able to reference files without Hubspot intercepting and resaving them. As a workaround I know I can use the HTML block and code in the image tags myself, but I'd rather not do that.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

When I add an image via a URL, it is now getting added to the media library. I don't want that.

Hi @BradDemers 


Thank you for reaching out. 


I would recommend connecting with HubSpot Technical Support, as Support is included in your subscription and they will be able to provide real-time assistance for this matter, where you are able to share screenshots, examples, and further information about the matter you mentioned here.


Thank you!


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