Website links when created in mail body, loads very very slow

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I have created an email. In that I have provided link to a landing page on my website. I got feedback from my clients that this link doesnt work properly and takes lot of time to load.

Also I confirmed same by sending test mail with that link to myself as well as to my team members. Problem found is very seriois. Loading time is equivalent to website not working. Normal load time if I browse website by browsers or by manually input URL address then it is about 5- 6 seconds, but if same open from Email Link, it is about 35-40 secs. It is very frustrating.

Dear HubSpot team, please assist and help to resolve this issues. It has incurred me loss of client through this strategy of Email with link.

Please consider this as very urgent as assist dears.

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Hi @SN,

Thanks for reaching out.
I want to tag in some thought leaders to see if they can assist with this.
Hi @Mike_Eastwood @webdew @mkarsten, would you be able to share your thoughts?


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