Vertical spacers work-around in Outlook?


Hi y'all,


I posted about this before, right here:, but I am trying my luck again to see if there is another solution.

The problem I am having with my emails is that the vertical spacers are not being shown in Outlook. The handy dandy article I got in the reply in the aforementioned posts talks about Vspace and Hspace. This sounded like a solution, but I can only use this on blocks/widgets in the editor that have the </> option, so I cannot add this code to images. However, I can go into the theme designer and add the code to every individual image widget, which might solve the problem, but just the sheer thought of editing every single widgets makes me ache for another solution.


So, with that being said, who is going to be my saving grace?


Thanks in advance!

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Community Manager

Hi @JeroenPuper,


Thank you for referring to the other post, as @sharonlicari mentioned "Since Outlook offers limited support for CSS, you may see discrepancies in the way your email renders in Outlook"


I will be tagging some of our top experts so they can leave their opinion on this matter.

@JanetArmstrong@DavidFJones, @Kevin-C, would you like to add a suggestion to @JeroenPuper question?


Thank you,


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