Tracking pixel on clipped emails (Gmail)

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Hubspot tracks your email by detecting if a 1px image is downloaded when an email is opened. From what we have seen the image is placed fairly low down on the email ( ), does this mean that Hubspot does not track opened emails that are clipped (Gmail) as the image won't be downloaded due to the position on the email?


If the above is correct then is there a way to move the pixel higher up on the email or is this position fixed by Hubspot?

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Hi @Nolz,


Thank you for reaching out to Community!


Yes, that is correct- the tracking pixel is inserted at the bottom of the email. That said, if Gmail clips the email, HubSpot won’t be able to track email opens becasue the tracking pixel gets cut off.

This tracking pixel cannot be moved further up, therefore, we usually recommend to make sure your email is below the size limit which is 102kb.


Here is a resource with additional information : [Emails getting cut off in Gmail - Message clipped]


I hope this clarifies!