Tracking Individual Email Opens by Device Type

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Is it possible to track if an individual contact opened an email via Desktop/Mobile? Considering we get reports on the breakdown of Desktop Vs. Mobile, and  we get details on when an individual contact opens an email, is there a way to figure out on what kind of device the email was opened?




Edit: Found that after sending a campaign, you can click each individual recipient open and find details on their ESP. I'm now looking to find a way to track what ESP/Device a contact uses most frequently to create specifc segmentations.

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Hi @ty_lny,


Thank you for sharing your findings and keeping us updated!


Because this information does not live in association with a contact property, there is no way to pull an ongoing list of how the contact is engaging with emails. You could create a contact property and manually associate the information with the property if you would like to have a record of this. 


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Any updates on this? Looking to achieve the same thing - thanks for posting!