Stuck in a loop on calendar invite

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I've recently been trying out the calendar invite function for my emails.


For my demo email, I have 2 calendar links; 1 for Outlook / Apple and 1 for Google.


Both links work fine on desktop and add it to the calendar as expected. However on mobile (iphone se / 6s / xr) once you have added it to the calendar and pressed 'done' in the top right corner, it takes you to the HubSpot "You're being redirected" page, but the problem is nothing happens.


The line that says if youre not being redirected 'click here' only takes you back to the calendar page. Surely once you have added it to the calendar it should take you back to the email?


I'm aware that on my example (below) there is the 'Mail' in the top left, but from a user point of view, the page should do something and not get stuck in a loop.


UPDATE: Tested on Samsung S8 with same issue, however Gmail on ipad works fine which makes me believe that the issue might be Outlook on mobile.





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I would like to know if/how this issue got resolved. 

Hope this helps
Thank you.
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Not solved it yet. I'm looking at acquiring some web space elsewhere over the next week or so to see if the issue is HubSpot.

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Hi @ben-duchy,


Do you mind sharing more in regards to where you are adding the meeting link and how the information is set up before you get to the looping stage? 

If you can send along a video, as well as a link/screenshot of the original page where the meeting link is, that would be great!


Thank you,

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