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I'm after running a marekting campaign - that dependant on your answers to the questions you will receive a personalised report. I'm able to do this through smart content emailing. However, it would look better if a company branded PDF was generated with the content that's specific for them. 


Does anyone know how to do this? 

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Smart Content Emailing PDF generator

Hi @JRowan8 ,


Just an idea at this point as I've not implemented this personally but you could perhaps investigate the following:

- Use a workflow and the Google Sheets integration to send unique form responses to a Google Sheet
- A Google Add-on tool like Document Studio can then be set up which will take each row in the GSheet to produce the document using a template you've designed
- Each doc is then saved in GDrive (for example as a PDF) which can then be emailed to the recipient

Good luck - sounds like a very cool use case. 

Jonno Price
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Community Manager

Smart Content Emailing PDF generator

Hello @JRowan8, great question! I would like to invite to this conversation some of our top experts to share their ideas @Kevin-C@webdew @Jonno_Price  any recommendations to @JRowan8?


Thank you,


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