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Signature Generator : Bug on outlook



We are using Hubspot free signature generator, it's good to have beautiful signature.

But when at the end we copy / paste on outlook (it's working on gmail) we have some trouble with automatic icon like this : 



On hubspot and if i open the html with chrome it's seem to be like this :



If you can help me to fix this it will be great 🙂





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Community Manager
Community Manager

Signature Generator : Bug on outlook

Hello @SBelairThank you for the screenshots, I am working with our team and at the moment we will continue investigating more about it but there it’s not a current fix for this behavior.
The reason is that each specific mail client has a number of changes and updates that may affect the way the signature generator behaves. 
I will be updating this thread if there are any changes in the future about this. You can also follow up on this thread here 




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