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Sending IP blocklisted on UCEPROTECT2

I am investigating why our emails are going into the spam folder in Gmail and I discovered that we are on the UCEPROTECT2 blocklist which is a "listing of multiple IP addresses of your ISP / host / domain provider". I take it this is Hubspot since we send emails from Hubspot via our connected Domain. DKIM etc is correctly set up.

Can anyone give me more information on this? 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Sending IP blocklisted on UCEPROTECT2

Hi @Thompson_DHARMA,

Thank you for reaching out to the Community!

I found an article for you "Understand email blocklists" that will provide you with more information and give your preventative steps.

I also found this similar thread "Sendability issues... Hubspot send IP is blocklisted" where the solution from @paxton might be of interest.

Here is a great post from @paxton "How to bring up a snowballing open rate" that can help you improve your deliverability too.

If you'd like more information, I would recommend connecting with HubSpot Technical Support, as Support is included in your subscription and they will be able to provide real-time assistance for this matter, including hopping on a screenshare if necessary.

I hope this helps!

Have a great day!


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